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Zoom to Lift 40-Minute Meeting Limit for Free Accounts

Zoom – an app which has been like a saviour for so many people across the world, whether it’s a student attaining his classes or a person having this meeting, the app has been helpful for a lot of people. Also the magnificent features of this app were liked and hence used by the people. The Zoom app has now announced that it will be removing its standard 40-minute meeting limit which is for the free users of Zoom and which is applicable on free accounts.

They will be removing their 40 minutes limit for the upcoming festivals for all the users around the world. This temporary time limit relaxation will be only for a few days in the month of December around Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year. Hence, this will allow people to spend more virtually and on screen with their loved ones. The video conferencing service had last removed the time limit for the meetings on the Thanksgiving Day. Zoom has specified the time windows in which the 40-minute limit will lift up automatically.

Zoom to Lift 40-Minute Meeting Limit for Free Accounts
Zoom to Lift 40-Minute Meeting Limit for Free Accounts

Zoom has also listed the details about this relaxation for users with their free accounts in its blog post. They said that it will be removing the 40-minute limit as a token of appreciation and love for its users. This free limit will be starting with the last few days of Hanukkah and the limit will automatically lift from 17th December at 10 am ET which is 8:30pm IST to December 19 6am ET which is 4:30pm IST.

After this again the limit will lift on 23rd December at 10am ET which is 8:30pm IST and it will go on till 6am ET which is 4:30pm IST on 26th December for the Christmas festival.In the same way, for the New Year this year, the limit will be lifted from 10am ET – 8:30pm IST on 30th December to 6am ET – 4:30pm IST on 2nd January 2021.

Earlier in the month of November, Zoom had announced that they were lifting the 40-minute limit for the free accounts on the Thanksgiving Day, which it was done from midnight of 26th November from 6am ET till 27th November.

This comes as good news for all the free Zoom users as during this holiday season, celebrations are going to take place virtually with friends and families getting together on video calls and not physically. Because of this COVID – 19 pandemic, Zoom saw a significant growth in its user base, and the data for the month of August to October period shows just that. Zoom’s year-on-year revenue was more than quadrupled in the second quarter of this year to $777 million which is roughly around Rs. 5,700 crores.

This led to yielding a profit of $198 million that is roughly Rs. 1,500 crores. The Q3 earnings report of Zoom also showed that the application and the company saw an increase of 63,500 customers from the month of July this year. In each of the previous two quarters had happened, the company had added more than around 100,000 customers across the globe.

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