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You need to know in 2021: Feeling Grateful And Repaying For It !

Written by Pooja Mistry ( Young Eyed )

Hope you all had a very nourishing start of the year so today I thought I will share out something that I heard recently and it says something like this…. “No matter how much you give to someone, they will never feel it to be enough unless and until they are watering the seeds of gratitude within their heart. Without having gratitude, expectations will just keep on growing. “

 So, after hearing this I spent my time thinking about how am I watering my seeds of gratitude, whether I am practicing it every hour or am I practising it every day. But then I thought that in every hour there is something to be grateful for, there’s always going to be something for sure but it depends on what we are looking for. Whenever I end up feeling negative or whenever I am feeling any kind of emotions of pain or hurt or when I wish something to happen and that it is not happening. I use that time as the moment to change my perspective and ask myself what I can feel grateful for during this moment …

I totally get it I mean it’s so easy to feel grateful for during our good times but when difficult time comes, having the feeling gratitude can be really hard.

There’s a difference between ‘feeling gratitude’ and ‘being in gratitude’, feeling is something which is linked to our emotions and with our present circumstances but being grateful ends up being more like a lifestyle. So even if we are not feeling it, we can be thankful for so many things if we have trained ourselves to be in gratitude, aghh sometimes I feel I am not able to express few things clearly, but I hope I am making sense that there’s a difference between feeling gratitude and that of being in gratitude.

Being in gratitude dose not just end up being an emotion that keeps on coming and going but it becomes more like a mindset that continues to be throughout our emotions no matter what we are going through.

When gratitude is not there for what all we have then we end up having expectations, the unrealistic expectations that keeps on growing. I know gratitude is spoken and written so much about, but you can never have an end to that and I feel like gratitude can never be spoken about so much. After being in gratitude, you will always feel like the sense of joy, contenders and also satisfaction because you are constantly feeling gratitude for what you do have.

You need to know in 2021: Feeling Grateful And Repaying For It !
You need to know in 2021: Feeling Grateful And Repaying For It !

My mother taught me since I was very young that there is always someone less fortunate than you, ALWAYS! So be grateful and always give back.

This is one of the most important things I have learned from my mum and also will always keep this with me. SO, with the starting of this year, make sure you are grateful for what all you have in your life, whether it’s your family, your friends or something materialistic, your home to live, the food you eat and not only that but also be grateful for the body, mind and heart that you have. Are you thankful and grateful for the body that you have? for the heart that has kept you alive?

There are so many people facing so many health issues, it’s not that being grateful will not lead you to those problems, but being grateful will allow you to understand that there so many good things that you’ve got and will also allow you to not take all those things for granted and to always give back.

For example, if you are grateful for your relationship, make it even stronger and better, if you are grateful for your body, take even more care of it than before, if you are grateful for the things that you have, use the things even more wisely and to give your hand to the ones who are not getting all that.

Throughout this year make sure you practice being in gratitude and along with feeling grateful for the things you have outside you, make sure to also feel grateful for what you have inside you.

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