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World War II codebreaker Alan Turing is the new face of Britain’s £50 note

World War II codebreaker Alan Turing is the new face of Britain’s £50 note. The rainbow flag proudly flew Thursday above the Bank of England in the heart of London’s financial district in memory of World War II architect Alan Turing, the new face of a British 50-pound paper.

The design of the cash register was presented before it was officially released to the public on June 23, Turing’s birthday. The 50-pound note is the most important religion in broadcasting but it is rarely used during daily transactions, especially during the coronavirus epidemic as digital exchanges are becoming more and more expensive.

The new note, full of high-level security features, is replenishing the bank account of its paper currency stable over the past few years. The picture of Turing joins that of Winston Churchill on a five-pound note, novelist Jane Austen on a 10-pound note and artist J. M. W. Turner on a 20-pound note. All notes are made of polymer rather than paper, which means they have to last longer and stay in good condition with their use.

The new note includes two windows and a two-color flax that the designers say will make it much harder to make a fake. There is also a hologram shift between the words “Fifty” and “kilograms” where the note is tilted back and forth, and an embedded microchip in honor of Turing’s role in computer birth.

Turing was chosen as the new face of the 50-pound note in 2019 following the process of public election, recognition of his important role in breaking the Nazi Enigma code in Germany during World War II. The code was believed to be unbreakable as the cypher changed continuously. Historians say that this crackdown could help reduce war by at least two years, which could save millions of lives.

250,000 or more votes in support of Turing’s nomination also represent the recognition of the discrimination he faced as a gay man after the war.

The Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said that there is something about the state of the nation in its finances, and we are right to consider and celebrate people with our money.

World War II codebreaker Alan Turing is the new face of Britain's £50 note
World War II codebreaker Alan Turing is the new face of Britain’s £50 note

He also said that turing is well-known for his criminal activities in Bletchley Park, which helped to end World War II. In addition, however, he was a leading mathematician, a progressive biologist, and a pioneer in the field of computer science. He was also gay, and he was treated terribly.

During World War II Turing worked in a secret code-breaking center in Bletchley Park, where he helped break into Enigma by building a “Turing bomb,” which preceded modern computers. He also did a “Turing Test” to measure artificial intelligence.

After the war, she was persecuted by homosexuality, which was illegal at the time, and she was forcibly treated with female hormones – a type of chemical release. The conviction had led to the removal of his security clearance and meant that he could no longer work for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). He died at the age of 41 in 1954 after eating an apple full of cyanide.

The turing that was received a post-mortem apology from the British government in 2009, and a royal pardon in 2013. Four years later, a law in Turing, which pardoned gay men for past beliefs, was passed.

Actor and author Stephen Fry said Turing’s choice of a 50-pound note marks another step in the nation’s long-term acceptance of “this great man,” “whose talents reach far and wide.”

In a YouTube video posted by the Bank of England, Fry set out the levels of discrimination and “cruel punishment” homosexual men faced in the years following World War II.

He said that Alan Turing was among thousands of men who were coerced and tortured by the authorities.

Fry also said that not just under the guise of hatred for their own sexuality, but also under the widespread belief that there is a link between homosexuality and communism.

Ten years ago, Turing’s life became known to a wider audience, especially after the 2014 film “The Imitation Game” saw Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of Turing.

Granddaughter James Turing, head of the Turing Trust rehabilitating U.K. computers. For use in African schools, he said the Bank of England’s action was “an unbelievable honor” to his family.

He told BBC radio that certainly highlights the magnitude of Alan’s legacy, which I hope we can do something about Turing Trust that he can be proud of by continuing to enable us to reach the digital world.

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