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WHO team probes coronavirus origin in Wuhan; says ‘world may never find patient zero’

The World Health Organization’s – WHO emergency committee called on Friday to conduct a follow-up study of coronavirus vaccines around the world to address new global issues.

The meeting was postponed for two weeks for urgent discussions on the emerging virus, which appears to be highly contagious, as the death toll from Covid-19 became more than two million, according to AFP.

The emergency committee came out against countries that needed proof of vaccination for foreign travelers.

However, he said it was time to make recommendations on travel guidelines when providing what is now known about the virus.

The WHO has said it wants to vaccinate Covid-19 in all countries in the next 100 days, amid concerns that rich countries include the first batches from production lines.

And while sounding the alarm about new strains of the virus spreading in Brazil, the WHO warned that current infections in other countries could be blamed for moral decline rather than simply modifying new mutations.

Alternative with caution

The newly discovered varieties can only be identified by sequencing their genetic code – an analysis that does not occur everywhere.

“In diversity, (the committee) calls for more global genetics and data sharing, as well as greater scientific collaboration to address the unknown,” a WHO statement said after a landmark meeting.

WHO team probes coronavirus origin in Wuhan; says 'world may never find patient zero'
WHO team probes coronavirus origin in Wuhan; says ‘world may never find patient zero’

The committee also urged the WHO to come up with a similar plan for naming new species that will eventually be politically and politically neutral, with the aim of avoiding stigma.

In its epidemiological report earlier this week, the WHO said that the first coronavirus mutation in Britain had spread to 50 locations, and now 20 similar strains had been identified in South Africa.

A third modification from the Brazilian Amazon, is currently being analyzed and could affect the viral response, according to WHO.

The situation is worse in northern Brazil in the Amazon region, especially in its capital Manaus, which has deteriorated sharply, with hospitals being pushed to the limit, says WHO emergency director Michael Ryan.

He told a news conference in Geneva that if this continues, they will see a bigger wave than this wave that became dangerous in the month of April and May in the Amazonas.

But Ryan stressed that “it is very easy to blame the differences” – saying that people and the authorities must accept their share of actions that propagate the spread.

Maria Van Kerkhove, chief technology officer at WHO’s Covid-19, added: “The virus is dangerous in and of itself – it is different or not.”

‘Defining the moment’

On the move, the emergency committee recommended that countries do not require proof of vaccination for incoming travelers, given that the impact of vaccination on reducing transfers is unknown and the availability of vaccines remains limited.

Committee chairman Didier Houssin said that given the differences in international visa requirements, separatist restrictions and travel restrictions, it was “really time” for the WHO to review what guidelines could be given for international, land and sea travel.

WHO chief executive Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the world was “at a critical juncture in the crisis”, as he called for the distribution of antiretroviral drugs around the world.

About 46 countries have already launched their vaccination campaigns, 38 of which are the highest paid countries.

Tedros also said that he wants to see vaccinations continue in all countries in the next 100 days so that health workers and those most at risk are protected first.

The first set of Covid-19 cases was found in December 2019 in Wuhan China.

A team of WHO experts arrived in Wuhan on Thursday this week to begin an investigation for the origin of the virus. Van Kerkhove said that they can never find out who the zero patient is.

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