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What IPS D Roopa has got to say on her transfer

IPS officer D Roopa was the first woman home secretary of Karnataka. She is also a lot famous for all her tweets that she makes on Tweeter. On 31st December, Thursday she was transferred from her post and was made as the managing director of the Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation. On 1st January 2020 Friday, she took the new charge and the new placement.

The transfer comes in between her public quarrel that had happened with another IPS officer whose name was Hemant Nimbalkar, he has also been transferred. Nimbalkar was the additional commissioner of the administration in Bengaluru before he had got the transfer, he was transferred to the internal security department.

The two officers had locked the horns after D Roopa had been charged Nimbaklar for the irregularities in the tender process for the amount of Rs 619 crore that was for the Bengaluru safe City project, This project was under the Nirbhaya scheme. Nimbaklar, on the other hand had accused D Roopa because of her interference that she did with the process without getting the jurisdiction.

What IPS D Roopa has got to say on her transfer
What IPS D Roopa has got to say on her transfer

D Roopa after her transfer was made on 31st December, Thursday wrote on Twitter and said that the transfer will allow her and will also put her on an equal footing with the Nimbalkar, but she says that the post doesn’t matter to her. She tweeted saying that she have been transferred for more than double the times than the number of years of her whole career. She also wrote that Whistleblowing and the firm action is a space that comes with risks and she knows that. She also said that she will continue to do her job uncompromisingly, it does not matter which post she is being kept on , this post of that post.

She said that she has always held that. She also told that the Transfers are a part of all the government jobs.

She also told that she will be joining the new post tomorrow as the posts does not matter to her. But what matters to her is that the public interest must be upheld and that the corrupt who commits any kind of crime must be punished. She says that if her shift of her post makes a way for the for the action on the corrupt, then she welcomes it.

She also wrote that she was transferred today as the MD of the Handicrafts Emporium. She said that her transfer was like putting her on an equal position and on equal foot with the other IPS officer whose name was Nimbalkar, he was chargesheeted by the CBI & the CBI has also recommended for the Disciplinary action for the Major Penalty that was led against him in month of December last year, that was just one year ago, and that is not done yet.

At last she again wrote that what really mattered to her was the public and their welfare and also that her interest must be upheld. All the crimes and  and the corrupt must get punished as per the crime. If her shift makes the way for action on the corrupt then she says she welcomes it.

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