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What Actors has to say for the Farmers protest.

Actors Priyanka Chopra and Preity Zinta have shared their takes on the affaris of the farmers’ protests. Priyanka wrote a tweet and asked for the concerns of the farmers about the center’s new agricultural laws to be addressed urgently. She wrote that Our farmers are India’s Food Soldiers. Their fears need to be taken into concern.

Their hopes need to be met and helped for. As a growing democracy, we must ensure that this crisis is resolved sooner than later with proper actions. She said this by quoting a tweet by Dosanjh in Punjabi. 

What Actors has to say for the Farmers protest.
What Actors has to say for the Farmers protest.

As it can be seen that the actor’s tweet is in the favour of the farmers who are protesting against the three farm bills.

On the other hand, one another actor – Preity Zinta shared a few pictures on twitter of the farmers protesting at the Delhi borders. She wrote by saying that her heart goes out to the farmers & their families protesting in this much cold weather and in this pandemic.

They are the soldiers of the soil of our country and that they keep our country going by feeding so many people. She said that she sincerely hope the talks between the farmers & govt comes to an end with positive results soon & everything is resolved.

The farmers have blocked some part and almost all the borders of Delhi. They have also asked for a Bharat Bandh on Tuesday ,December 8. A Nationwide shutdown has been asked by the farmers who are protesting as the fifth round of talks between Centre and leaders of the farmer groups does not remain to a firm conclusion. The government has called another meeting on Wednesday to quell the farmers and end it with over the new agriculture laws.

Apart from these two actors, many others including Sonu Sood, Sonam Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Parineeti Chopra also gave their support to the farmers. Diljit Dosanjh – singer had personally visited Delhi to be a part of the protest. He donated a huge amount of Rs 1 crore to the farmers for the purchase of warm clothes and blankets for them as they were protesting in this cold weather.

The actor –  Dharmendra asked and said the central government to find a solution for the farmers and for their protests over the farm laws.

On Thursday, last week this 84-year-old actor – Dharmendra had urged the government to resolve and bring the protest to an end soon, seeing the growing number of coronavirus cases in Delhi.

He tweeted on Thursday requesting the government to quickly find a solution the farmers’ problem… the number of corona cases are on a rise in Delhi… and that is painful.

However, he soon deleted the post. He did not specify or gave any reason for the delete.

Soon Dharmendra said that he deleted the tweet because he felt saddened by the improper comments of the people. He said that people can abuse him to their heart’s content, he said that he is happy that the people are happy. Yes, he said that he was sad for his farmer brothers.

The actor further said that the government should find a solution fast, and that nobody is listening to them and the farmers.

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