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Washington under heavy security as Donald Trump impeached

Downtown Washington was fenced off until Wednesday, concrete barriers blocked roads, police on street corners, and armed National Guard soldiers guarding Capitol Hill as Congress blocked President Donald Trump for the second time.

The city in the center of the American democracy has been its shadow during the closure of the epidemic, but is now heavily guarded after a deadly January 6 attack by Trump supporters at the Congress building.

National soldiers had spent the night inside the Capitol in uniform and disguised themselves.  Their black guns leaning against the polished stone walls of the building halls.

About 20,000 National Security Forces are expected in Washington to host Biden, in addition to the total number of US troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Legislature on Wednesday officially accused Trump of inciting the mob that attacked Capitol last week in a failed attempt to stop Congress from completing the defeat of President Joe Biden in November.

The House of election has voted and got the score of 232-197 and to force the President, with 10 members of the Trump Republican Party joining the 222 Democrats.

The Capitol construction grounds have a security fence built after the attack, similar to the one raised near the White House months ago during nationwide protests against the killing of African American police.

Washington under heavy security as Donald Trump impeached
Washington under heavy security as Donald Trump impeached

The US capital, known for its historic monuments, museums and masses of tourists, has reported hardly over the past 12 months.

‘The spirit itself’

Roaming around the city, which has been on foot for some time, it is difficult to say which buildings have been blocked by the epidemic and which has already closed the store due to violent protests by the city.

Jaime who is a Maryland mother said that this was her first time (in the city of Washington) in a year. She said that there are usually people going everywhere and that the place is very quiet and that she thought it’s like a ghost itself.

A lot and lot of school children who used to travel from all over the country in order to visit the museums and see the White House now live far away, as do many foreign tourists.

The commotion of politicians, lobbyists and lawyers on the streets is also quiet, while the major municipal stations bringing in workers from the cities are quiet and underutilized.

The city of more than 700,000 people has been conquered, just one week before Biden’s opening of the Capitol stairs.

Nadine Seiler who is 55yrs old and who has been on a daily basis since the month of October near the White House in the favor of Anti – terrorism said that the city is in ruins.

He also added saying that It is usually very stressful, but there it was like everyone was on vacation.

As in many Western cities, many workers were signing in from home – especially employees of major Washington-based institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, as well as many government agencies.

Restaurants should try to survive by building tents and tags along the way, and try to get consumers to sit next to heaters that work well against the cold of winter.

Tiemothy Bartholomew who is an Arlington resident which is just across the Pomotmac River in neighoring Virginia said that she went to the Christmas market … and that it is gone, she said that everything’s gone. She said is you are going to the bars, (previously) packed bars – they are now no more.

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