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Vitamin D Can Strengthen Immune Response To Covid-19

There are immediate concerns over the spread of the mutant strain of the Coronavirus today. However, global researchers have managed to find a connection of Covid-19 with Vitamin D. The researchers have stressed that Vitamin D is indeed effective in tackling Covid-19 infection and poses considerably less risk to the body. So, governments are getting ready to make it a part of their strategy today.

Vitamin D Can Strengthen Immune Response To Covid-19
Vitamin D Can Strengthen Immune Response To Covid-19

Factors That Connect

Professor Afrozul Haq, the former Dean of School of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology (SIST) at New Delhi’s Jamia Hamdard University has said, that there are other factors like age, sex and the existence of co-morbidities that can contribute to a higher risk. Vitamin D may prove effective against all these conditions. Prof Haq is amongst 170 other researchers who have written to the government on this matter. The letter stresses on the immediate widespread usage of Vitamin D. The campaign group has urged all in the health ministry, hospitals, and governmental bodies to incorporate it into the daily diet of the infected. Most of the deaths are supposedly connected with lower levels of Vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D Deficiency Extremely Common In India

A debate is on, on this matter. Immunologist Vineeta Bal has said that the supplementation of the Vitamin is very easy in developed countries. However, it is not the case in India. None are taking the Vitamin in India, on a regular basis. Not even pregnant women. If individuals are heavily deficient in Vitamin D, then it may take several weeks to raise the levels after starting the ingestion.

Vitamin D Can Strengthen Immune Response To Covid-19

Vitamin D propagation cannot be considered to be an emergency measure. So, as per the Immunologist the administration of Vitamin D should be a long-term program or goal. Other micronutrients and Zinc have also proved to be useful in the control of Covid-19.

Prof Srijit Mishra, who is another signatory to the letter, has recommended the intake of Vitamin D in doses of 100 mcg daily. If you are having excess weight, are dark skinned, or living in public spaces, the risk of deficiency increases. Current evidences suggest that 25-hydroxyvitamin D serum levels are being widely endorsed today, to battle the Covid-19 infection. Vitamin D is known to have many beneficial advantages in immune system responses. As per Bal, it may have an additional role to play along with other medications.

There have been no clinical trials yet, to test the efficacy of Vitamin D on the disease. The linkage may be based on experimental data. There have been several studies, that have pointed towards a relation between low levels of Vitamin D and Covid-19 infection today. It is true that lower levels of Vitamin D does point towards a lesser immune response and mortality. The relevance of micronutrients cannot be fully forgotten today. So, you can trust the Vitamin.

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