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Viswanathan Anand’s chess academy to nurture India’s next big champion

The world famous Viswanathan Anand and the best chessmaster of India. He burst into his the chess field during the 1980s. He has inspired a lot of Indians and have helped them rise at a pretty good level. He have also helped Indians and the Indian chess players to reach at a world level. He started out as the Lightning Kid for the speed of his moves and them moving towards becoming the country’s first grandmaster and to its only world champion. Anand has been the pioneer and the model every Indian chess player has wanted to be.

Anand is 51-year-old chess maestro. He is from Chennai and he will now lend a helping hand in nurturing and growing The Next Anand.

Anand has been a five-time world champion across three different formats and a legend of the game. He has seen many talented players coming into the field after him. Although none of them has risen to the highest levels of the game as he has did.

On 14th December Monday, Anand had officially announced the launch of his chess academy which will be in collaboration with the WestBridge Capital. It is an investment firm which is focused primarily on business in India.

Anand tweeted saying that he is delighted to announce the launch of the WestBridge Anand Chess Academy which will be known as WACA in short. He also wrote that he was very happy to partner with WestBridge Capital in realizing a long dream of his to nurture the talents in India.

Anand said that this will be a fellowship type of programme. This programme will aim to take the most talented junior chess prodigies and will help them to take it to the top ranks. Anand announced with tagging his tweet with hashtag #TheNextAnand.

Viswanathan Anand chess academy to nurture India’s next big champion
Viswanathan Anand chess academy to nurture India’s next big champion

l He has been associated with training programmes for talented chess players in the country earlier too. He has also conducted sessions for young talents in South and Chennai. He will now be more involved with WACA.

Anand added that he will personally be monitoring their progress both as a person and as well as a chess player.

The first batch of WACA trainees and those who are granted the WACA Fellowship includes the five top chess talents of our country – The 15-year-old R Praggnanandhaa, 16yrs old Nihal Sarin, 15yrs old Raunak Sadhwani, 14yrs old D Gukesh and 19yrs old R Vaishali, who is Praggnanandhaa’s sister.

As part of this fellowship of WACA, well deserving candidates will be identified annually by a panel and he will be mentoring them for the next one year.

A press release said that WACA is poised to create a platform to facilitate mentorship to both the established and upcoming aspiring chess champions with an aim to promote the sport of intellect in the country and pass the baton to produce more world champions for India and to make India proud.

Seeing and keeping Covid-19 situation in concern, the mentorship activities will be done virtually for now.

The press release said that Anand feels and believes that the current pandemic situation will work well and provide an ideal opportunity for the candidates to recognise, focus and work on their areas of deficiency and in which they need more focus which will in turn set them up well to achieve their long-term goals.

He said that It is true that while getting into the world of tournaments and competitions, one tends to work on short fixes rather than work on resolving the issue in a broader long-term context.

WACA looks forward to adopt and get a dynamic form of mentoring that will include offline training, interactions as well as mentorship sessions, under the expert coach and his faculty recommendations.

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