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US : Steps that would improve efficiency of India’s markets welcome

Recognizing that peaceful protests are a sign of prosperous democracy, the US has welcomed measures that will improve the performance of Indian markets and attract greater investment in the private sector.

The State Department, in response to a question on ongoing farmers’ protests in India, said on Wednesday that the United States recommended that any disagreements between the parties be resolved through negotiations.

Live renewal: Farmers are protesting

Demonstrating that the new Biden administration supports the Indian government’s move to transform the agricultural sector that attracts private investment and greater market access for farmers, a State Department spokesman said: “Generally, the United States adopts measures that will improve the performance of Indian markets and attract more private sector investment.”

“We see that peaceful protests are a sign of a prosperous democracy and we know that the Supreme Court of India says the same thing,” the official said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (MEA) in New Delhi released a statement on Wednesday highlighting that the Indian Parliament has passed a “reform law” in the agricultural sector, a “very small group of farmers” who has some doubts and therefore the rules have been stalled.

Meanwhile, several U.S. legislatures have come out in support of farmers’ protests in India.

“I am concerned about the reported acts involving peaceful protesters protesting new agricultural reform laws in India,” said Congressman Haley Stevens.

In a statement, he urged the Indian government and representatives of the protesting farmers to participate in productive negotiations.

“I will continue to monitor this situation closely. It has been very helpful to discuss this with stakeholders across the region and I always welcome all those who have reached out to share their views,” Stevens said.

Another Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, has expressed solidarity with all farmers who are protesting for their health throughout India.

Unity with all farmers across India who are protesting for their lives. India must protect their fundamental democracy…

“India must defend its fundamental democratic rights, allow free access to information, restore internet access and release all journalists detained as a result of the protests,” he wrote on Twitter.

Commenting on the farmers’ protests, Meena Harris, the nephew of United States Vice President Pamela Harris, said the world’s largest democracy was under attack.

“It was no coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked even last month, and as we speak, democratic democracy is under attack. This is related. WE ALL must be outraged by India’s cyberbullying and military violence against farmers’ protests,” he said on Twitter.

It is not just coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked less than a month ago, and as we speak, most…

In a separate statement, Gurinder Singh Khalsa, chairman of the Sikhs Political Action Committee, said the historic “farmers” protest was “turning into the” biggest revolution “against Indian capitalist capitalism.

US : Steps that would improve efficiency of India's markets welcome
US : Steps that would improve efficiency of India’s markets welcome

“This is the beginning of a campaign for better accountability and transparency against illegal capitalism. The world is watching and now it has begun to respond and encourage support for this historic change of Indian farmers. This will be greater than the liberation of India,” Khalsa, who lives in Indiana, said.

India has called the claims of leaders of foreign organizations and organizations about farmers’ protests “insufficient” and “baseless”, confirming that the issue is about internal affairs within the democratic country.

Emphasizing that the protests should be viewed in the light of India’s democratic process and with respect, the MEA said in a statement that some interest groups had tried to mobilize international support against the country.

“Before rushing to comment on such matters, we urge the facts to be established, to better understand the issues.

“The temptation to hashtags and social media, especially when it comes to celebrities and others, is untrue and unpredictable,” said a MEA statement following some high-profile celebrities tweeting about farmers’ harassment.

Thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana, have been camping in many parts of the Delhi border since November last year, demanding that the government repeal three farm regulations and a legal guarantee of a minimum subsistence allowance for their crops.

Defending the three controversial agricultural laws, the MEA said: “These changes provide increased market access and provide greater flexibility for farmers. They also open the way to economically and economically sustainable farming.”

Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said India’s new farm regulations “have the potential to represent a step forward” in reforms in the agricultural sector.

“We believe that farm debt has the potential to represent an important step forward in the transformation of agriculture in India. These measures will enable farmers to enter into a direct agreement with the sellers, allowing farmers to save a large portion of their remaining income by reducing local role, improving efficiency and supporting rural growth,” he said. IMF communications officer Gerry Rice told the media here last month.

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