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US President-elect Joe Biden gets coronavirus vaccine

The new US President-elect Joe Biden got his first injected dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. He got vaccinated live on television on 21st December, Monday. This was in an effort in order to boost the confidence among the people who feels unsafe to get vaccinated. As it was announced beforehand by Joe Biden that he will receive his vaccine in front of public in order to motivate and make the people aware that the vaccine is safe and the intake of the dose is necessary to fight against this COVID virus. Joe got vaccinated in order to tell about the safety of the vaccine and also looking ahead of its wide distribution next year among the people.

Biden has said and announced that he would make the fight against the coronavirus and the pandemic situation which it had left the whole world in. A virus which has killed more than 315,000 people residing in Americans and infected more than around a total of 17.5 million. He said that the safety will be this top priority when he take the office on 20th January.  At the age of 78, he is in the high-risk group for the highly contagious respiratory disease that this virus causes.

US President-elect Joe Biden gets coronavirus vaccine
US President-elect Joe Biden gets coronavirus vaccine

A Democrat, Biden will get the challenges involving the organisation and of distributing the vaccine to around hundreds of millions of Americans. It also includes the task of inducing the people who worry about its development was rushed for political reasons to take it.

While he was seen getting vaccinates, is black long-sleeved shirt was rolled up, Biden received the injection for the vaccine from Tabe Masa who is the Nurse Practitioner and also the Head of Employee Health Services at Christiana Hospital which is in  Newark, Delaware. The vaccination took place in front of  the reporters. Images and clips of that scene where Joe was taking vaccination were carried live on television.

After getting the shot of the vaccine. Joe praised medical professional as the real “heroes”. He had got a dose of the vaccine that was developed by Pfizer Inc.

He further said that he is doing this to demonstrate that other people across the nation should be prepared when it’s available to them to take the vaccine. He said that there is nothing that people needs to worry about. His wife who is Jill Biden and the one who got the COVID injection earlier in the day, she also stood by him.
But Biden also noted and said that the vaccine would take time to come out and that the people should listen to medical experts and that they should avoid travelling for the upcoming holidays.

Biden’s transition team said that Kamala Harris who is the new Vice President-elect is also likely get the vaccine next week,.
Donald Trump who was the Republican President often  has played down the severity of the pandemic. He has overseen a response, the health experts say he was disorganized and that he sometimes ignored the science behind the disease transmission.

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