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Trump voters accept Biden victory with reservations

Robert Reed says that he will always believe that the 2020 election was stolen away from the President Donald Trump. Robert was a retired police officer who turned into a construction worker. He believed that fraud marred the vote, although so many courts rejected this claim. A day after the Electoral College made Joe Biden’s win as a President official, the Trump supporters from the suburbs of Lancaster were ready to move on.

Reef said of Trump’s quest to overturn the election that he think it’s pretty much over. He said that he trusts the Electoral College. For many days, Trump has been trying to convince his loyal base that his victory was stolen away by cheating. With the help from conservative media, polls were shown that he’s had considerable success. But now the Electoral College has confirmed  Biden’s win and the Republican officials are finally acknowledging him as the new president-elect, many Trump voters across the country seem to have started doing the same.

There is far less consensus on what should be done about it and whether or not to carry that resentment forward. For some, like the Reed, the Electoral College vote was the clear end of a process. Others have said to continue to protest with the demonstrations same like the one that had turned violent in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. And some had hoped that the GOP leaders would press for more investigations to put the doubts that Trump sowed to rest.

Trump voters accept Biden victory with reservations
Trump voters accept Biden victory with reservations

They are people like Scott Adams, a Trump voter. He said that he accepts Biden’s victory — but with reservations. Adams said that he’s heard too much discussion and talks about the irregularities in the counting of votes on Fox News and on the conservative talk radio to trust the election’s outcome and doesn’t feel that he will ever know about the true margin of victory. But he doesn’t think that the election was rigged enough to change the result and outcome, he said that even if he believes it was rigged enough that it should be questioned more and that He’d like to see more and further investigations.

Republicans across the country said repeatedly that there was no evidence mass voter fraud affected the outcome. The Supreme Court denied their requests to hear a pair of cases aimed at invalidating the outcome of the election in main states. Reed said that something was not right there.
The explanation is well known in many states. Still, Reed said that he thought the courts should have spent more time in the investigation before giving out the result. He said that he will always believe that it was stolen from him. He really will never be able to have peace of mind that it wasn’t stolen. But others were less willing to go along with this belief.

Katherine Negrete who’s a teacher said that she don’t trust that result. She thinks that the election was a fraud and she thinks that the election was stolen. She said that she doesn’t know how anybody could not think that. And said that all you have to do is look at the results.

Negrete is one among those people who holds out the hope that Trump can win if the Supreme Court intervenes but there is no indication that it will happen. Still, Negrete said that hopefully Congress will do the right thing and she express her frustration with dwindling options. She said that she doesn’t know what they can do about that. If they don’t have the courts that stand up for them.

Biden has vowed to bring all the Americans together and work across his aisle. His success on both the fronts may depend on how many Republicans and the country people hold on to their election grievances.

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