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Trump left many clues he wouldn’t go quietly

US President Donald Trump has left many indications he could try to burn the area as he exits the door.

Indications have spread throughout life of refusing to admit defeat. They included a presidency that was rude, aggressive, arrogant and had a kind of relationship with “nationalists” from the ranks of food wing activists. Clues accumulated at a slower pace when Trump lost the election and could not accept it.

The culmination of all that happened Wednesday when Trump supporters, encouraged by the president to go to the Capitol and “fought and the crowd went so boldly that Trump was sent to the rally that his activists spread and played the venue. Trump, they thought they had a back.

This is because, after all, the president who responded to a plot by the right wing to kidnap the Michigan dictator last year said that maybe it was a problem and probably it might be not. In addition to the presidency that he had and his life, by his words and deeds, Trump hated losses and that he would not be what he was when it happened. He laid the foundation for success, returned to office and became a successful success, a spot of deviation from martyrdom.

Then came the catastrophic losses, elections, and desperate tactics of politicians who compared the practices of the “banana republic” or “Third World” but were completely American on the eve of Trump’s presidency.

Trump left many clues he wouldn't go quietly
Trump left many clues he wouldn’t go quietly

Often blinking and shedding the last four tears, sometimes directly – “We love you,” he told the Capitol Hill crowd as he gently raised the arguments going home now – Trump made a common cause with fringes in anticipation of assuring him of his respect.

That was done for a hot meeting when the poles were too high. The elements have been coming together apparently, usually sent via tweet. On Friday, Twitter blocked Trump’s account, banning him with his chosen megaphone, “because of the risk of inciting violence.” The new President elect – Joe Biden said that he wish they could have said we didn’t see it coming, but he said that’s not true and that they all saw it coming.

He told that It’s just a very old feeling he has never been able to process since he was a little child – he was afraid of the consequences of being in a state of loss and that he was afraid of being blamed for his actions for the first time ever in in his entire life.

He said that he was in a state of stupidity, which in his family, really … was the worst thing one could be. So he said that he feels trapped, he feels hopeless and that he keeps getting angry. The post-election crisis that took place was predicted because Trump did everything but said it happened because he lost.

A few months before the vote, he said the system was fraudulent and the system of postal voting was fraudulent, attacking the process so frequently that he may have damaged his chances by preventing his supporters from voting by post. He has clearly refused to assure the country in advance that he will respect the outcome, which many presidents need not be asked to do.

There was no evidence before the election that it would be tarnished and there was no evidence after a major fraud or mistake he and his party accused in many courts of judges, whether appointed by Republicans, Democrats or Trump himself, dismissing it systematically, often as nonsense. The Supreme Court, consisting of three judges appointed by Trump, dismissed him.

That did not stop him.

He said in a video of 2011 that he hate defeat and that he cannot stand the defeat. But what happened in the election ultimately left him without a trace except for his foot soldiers, who also did not face his loss.

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