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Troops fire at funeral of 144 killed in Myanmar on bloodiest day since coup

Myanmar security forces opened fire on Sunday, witnesses said at a funeral service for one of the 114 people killed the day before, the deadliest day of protests since a military coup broke out on February 1.

There were no immediate reports of injuries during the funeral procession in the town of Bago, near the commercial capital Yangon, according to three people who spoke to Reuters.

Two people were shot dead while the protests happened on Sunday in separate incidents, witnesses and media reports said. One person was killed at the time when soldiers opened fire on a group of protesters near the capital, Naypyitaw, Myanmar Now reports.

So far on Sunday there have been no reports of major protests in Yangon or the country’s second-largest city, Mandalay, which was hit hard by victims on Saturday, Myanmar’s Military Day. Funerals were held in many places.

At least the six children between the ages of 10 and 16 are among those killed on Saturday, according to media reports and witnesses.

Bloodshed has drawn new Western rejection. The UN Special Rapporteur for Myanmar said the military was “killing masses” and urging the world to dismantle the junta and suspend its access to weapons.

Criticism and international sanctions by some Western countries have so far failed to influence military leaders, as there have been protests almost daily across the country since the junta took over and retained elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

“We congratulate our heroes who sacrificed their lives during this revolution and we must overcome this change,” one of the opposition parties, the General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN), wrote on Facebook.

Saturday also saw the deadliest war since the military coup and the armed forces that control the provinces.

Military vehicles have killed at least three people when they stormed a village controlled by an armed group from a minority group in Karen, a civil society group said on Sunday, after the Karen National Union had earlier said it had overturned troops near the Thai border. , ten people died. Air strikes have sent residents fleeing into the jungle.

Troops fire at funeral of 144 killed in Myanmar on bloodiest day since coup
Troops fire at funeral of 144 killed in Myanmar on bloodiest day since coup

Fighting erupted on Sunday between another armed group, the Kachin Independence Army, and soldiers at the Hpakant jade site in the north. Kachin forces attacked a military police station in response to airstrikes, Kachinwaves reported.

There were no reports of injuries.

A junta spokesman did not respond to calls for comment on the killings or the war.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the junta leader, said during a military Day demonstration that the military would protect the people and fight for democracy.

‘Crying Loud’

The deaths on Saturday has included nearly 40 people in Mandalay and at least 27 in Yangon, Myanmar Now said. The injured have taken the total number of civilians reported to have been killed since the state’s overthrow to more than 440.

Countries including the United States, Britain and the European Union have strongly condemned the violence.

UN Special Envoy Tom Andrews said it was time for the world to take action – if not for the UN Security Council and then implement the international emergency conference. He said the junta should be cut off from finances, such as oil and gas revenues, and the acquisition of weapons.

He said in a statement that the word of condemnation or concern sounded absurd to the people of Myanmar as the military group killed them severely.

UN Special Rapporteur on the Holocaust Alice Wairimu Nderitu and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet described the killings as “disgraceful, cowardly, and brutal acts by soldiers and police officers, recorded by shooting protesters as they fled, and who are not children.” .

The top U.S. military official and his nearly 12 colleagues in a statement said the trained soldier must adhere to international code of conduct “and is responsible for protecting – not harming – the people he serves”.

The military said in a statement that the November election, which was won by Suu Kyi’s party, was a fraud, a guarantee denied by the country’s electoral commission. Suu Kyi remains in custody in an undisclosed location and some of her party’s figures are also in custody.

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