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Touring the Frick Madison, New York’s newest cultural landmark

Touring the Frick Madison, New York’s newest cultural landmark. One hundred years ago, entering the beautifully furnished rooms of a Frick Collection mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York was like stepping into an approved time capsule. Both were museum paintings, the most consistent since the opening in 1935, and the mistake: Taken at the same time, most of the brilliant bronze, Sèvres’ delicate clay, and the great Goya and Rembrandt masterpieces neatly laid out next to the ornament, many large collections have become much larger.

Touring the Frick Madison, New York’s newest cultural landmark
Touring the Frick Madison, New York’s newest cultural landmark

Frick’s deputy director and executive director Xavier Salomon  said that that’s the point of the [museum] house. He also said that It is amazing in one way or another, and in some ways it’s a hindrance.

Over the next two years, however, that problem was removed while the city’s mansion was expanded. By then, the collection had moved several blocks to the former Whitney Museum of American Art building on Madison Avenue and 75th St. Petersburg. Breuer; The Met then breached its original agreement due to budget constraints.)

While Frick usually shows 470 items, in the new space, called Frick Madison, it will be only 300. And unlike Frick’s interior, the walls of his temporary home are just four shades of gray. So, in other words, there are any distractions from the art.

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The result is amazing. Salmon said that he hopes that the people who know the museum well on One East 70th Street will come here and find things. He also said that they will see that they have never looked good; they will literally see them under a new light, with very different meanings.

The collection will be open to the public on March 18; advance booking is required. Frick Madison’s exhibition area covers both floors of the building.

Solomon said that on each floor, they always start by encountering a three-dimensional object,. Initially he wanted the foundations to be made of concrete, “which is actually impossible because of its weight and many other things. He said that Instead, these crushed ones look like .

Frick Madison is designed as a one-way trip using a collection (tourists go against the clock), unlike the free flow area where people roam back and forth. As a result, Frick curatorial staff paid close attention to the transition from room to room, carefully setting out all the ideas. Annabelle Selldorf, an architect who designed the expansion of Frick’s mansion, consulted with local authorities on the use of the space.

Salomon said that if you go back, you will meet many empty walls. The floors are divided into a school and an art school which way is the most annoying, somehow and that is what most museums do, but they have never done that. By doing so, you can get an idea of   what the strength of a collection is.

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