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The Pfizer vaccine Gets authorization for emergency usage in UK

It’s been almost a year since the COVID-19 Pandemic had started . Many medical agencies  are doing their best to create a vaccine for this virus . Since it is a RNA  virus it changes it’s form very frequently . This makes it tough for the medical teams to make a vaccine .  The entire world is fighting to put and end to this pandemic . Vaccines are our only hope in this case .

The medical brand Pfizer had said that they had received the permission  for the emergency use of their COVID-19  vaccine in the UK . According to them this permission was given to them  on Wednesday .  Apart from Pfizer BioNTech has received the permission .

The  Pfizer vaccine Gets authorization  for emergency usage in  UK
The Pfizer vaccine Gets authorization for emergency usage in UK

With this move Britain becomes one of the first countries to  begin vaccinating it’s population . This will truly be an effective measure to minimize the effect of the virus .

The U.S. and the European Union are also not far behind in this regard .  Moderna Inc. is also making a vaccine which is similar to that made by Pfizer .

Pfizer said that it would immediately start to ship limited supplies of the vaccine to the UK . If the U.S.  Food And Drug Administration too gives them the green signal then they will begin to supply the virus on a much larger scale . This decision  is expected to come within the next  week .

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla calls this a “historic moment “

The CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla declared this decision to be  “ a historic moment “ . The UK has truly set an example for the rest of the world .

In an interview Bourla said , “We are focusing on moving with the same level of urgency to safely supply a high-quality vaccine around the world,”  .  This proves the fact that he is equally concerned about the safety of the world as a whole . The vaccine needs to be procured by every Nation if it wants to curb the growth of this Pandemic .

The  Pfizer vaccine Gets authorization  for emergency usage in  UK
The Pfizer vaccine Gets authorization for emergency usage in UK

The UK has ordered enough vaccine  for 20 million people . It’s not clear though that how much of the stock will arrive by the end of this year . The most significant challenge that will be faced is that the Pfizer vaccine needs to stored at very cold temperatures . If this is not maintained then the vaccine cannot be stored . Apart from the distribution challenges this is also a major issue that needs to be kept in mind .

For protection two doses are required three weeks apart . The health care workers ,  nursing home residents and the elderly people will get the vaccine first .

The vaccine which has been made by U.S. based Pfizer and German based BioNTech was  tested in tens of thousands .  The early results suggest that the is 95% effective at  preventing mild to severe COVID-19 infections . The companies also said that the vaccine had no major side-effects . In some cases though people may face temporary pain and flu-like reactions immediately after the vaccine is given .

The Pfizer vaccine has also been tested on a small number of children who are not above the age of 12 . Reports of tests on pregnant mothers have not yet been received .

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