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The open letter on farmers to be taken as IPL by Supreme Court

An open letter was written and also sent to the Chief Justice of India. It was written against the attempts that were being made to make the farmers who are protesting as the separatists who has been converted into the litigation of the public interest and are also expected to be heard by the Supreme Court in the upcoming few days.

The letter written that was written to the CJI was by the 35 students of the Centre for Human Rights and Duties section of the Panjab University on 2nd December. They had also termed the course of action that was initiated by the government to address the concerns of the farmers’ as insensitive and attempt to find the intervention of the court to allow and continue with the peaceful protest that they are doing. The letter had also mentioned about the media who are trying to also attacked the media for trying to cause the polarity between the peaceful protest that wast associating he farmers with separatists.

A postgraduate student of the university whose name is Gurmohan Preet Singh and who is among the 35 signatories who had signed the letter, said, that on 18th December, they had received an intimation from the Supreme Court registry, it was informing that their letter has been registered and that too under the section of public interest litigation which is known as the PIL. He said that they were hopeful that their letter will be listed in open court for hearing as early as possible.

The open letter on farmers to be taken as IPL by Supreme Court
The open letter on farmers to be taken as IPL by Supreme Court

The intimation that they had received from the registry said that your communication has been successfully registered along with the diary number. He also said that he had not received any intimation till now with regard to the listing of the case.

The letter was aired with a official statement over the manner in which the water cannons and the lathis were used against the farmers who were protesting. The 35 signatories who were comprising of the students of human rights, few research scholars, and also the former students of the university, they demanded an enquiry into the illegal use of force that was done by the Haryana Police and also to take back all the criminal cases that were registered against the protesting farmers by both the Haryana and Delhi Police. In addition to that, the letter also had some basic amenities like to provide and ensure the safety of the protesters.

The Supreme Court on 17th December had considered the issue of the farmers protesting who were at the borders of Delhi and they has also proposed a solution that can be worked out by way of talks between the farmer unions and the government and that would be by involving the independent experts. The court had also maintained that they were not intending to curb the rights of the farmers to protest peacefully but they said that the same should not be at with the cost of the disturbance and problems to the public order.

The letter had also said that when the farmers decided to approach and go to the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the farmers who were the peaceful protesters were thrashed and were hit hard that all that led to raise a voice for their Fundamental Rights as it was provided by the Supreme Law of the Nation for  a dreadful crime which it is not in their case.

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