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The Farmers are unfazed by the rain and harsh weathers and said that it’s a sign of prosperity

The farmers who are protesting at the borders of the Delhi had to face and suffer with the Muddy roads, waterlogged tents, the wet mattress and the blankets because of the heavy rainfall and the cold that was there in Delhi on 3rd January, Sunday. Despite the continuous rainfall and the showers, the spirit of the farmers who were protesting at different sights did not get low. Many of the farmers even said that the rain is a sign of prosperity and will bring something good for sure.

Kawalpreet Kaur who was a farmer from the Gurdaspur district og Punjab and who was 75 years old. She was sitting outside her waterlogged tent that was at the Singhu border, On Sunday morning she woke up with the thunder and lightning. She said that at around 6 am in the morning, water started coming into their tent and within minutes all of their mattresses and blankets were soaked. She also said that the water did not come from the top because they had a waterproof tent.

But the water had entered in the tent after the road got waterlogged by the water of the rain. She also said that she was shifted to a trolley by a few people and a group of youngsters… She said that the rain has caused some inconvenience in their protest but also said that the farmers are used to live in the harsh weather conditions.

The Farmers are unfazed by the rain and harsh weathers and said that it’s a sign of prosperity
The Farmers are unfazed by the rain and harsh weathers and said that it’s a sign of prosperity

Gurjeet Singh who is a farmer from Bhatinda and who is 58 years old said that the water had also entered into the trolleys of many of the protesters where they had kept their clothes and their blankets and mattresses. Tonnes of wood that was being used for cooking and for the bonfire at the protest sites also got soaked in water because of the rain. He said that they had to face a lose and around 800 kg of their firewood got wet. Now it will take days to make the wood dry and also usable.

He also said that they are using the LPG cylinders for cooking right now and some of the farmers who don’t have the facility of the LPG over there are sharing their cooking space with them. He said that they all are brothers over there and that they will help each other in every possible way.

Harmeet Singh Kadian who is the president of Bharatiya Kisan Union said that the farmers’ union had helped and have also arranged more waterproof tents. He said that they are also trying to do the arrangement for more blankets and mattresses for the protesters, especially for the elderly.

Despite the chaos caused that was happened by the rains, the protesting sites still remained lively throughout the day. The farmers were also seen gathering around the stage and shouting slogans against the three new farm laws that was made and not only that but were also singing songs of resistance.

The president of Bharatiya Kisan Union for the women’s wing who is Harpreet Kaur, and the one who is protesting at the Tikri border, said that the rains and the harsh weather would not affect their determination and that they will continue to protest. She said that maybe many of them will catch cold and also get infections and maybe they can even fall sick or some of them might even get scum to the chilly weather. But she said that they all will eventually die for sure if those three farm laws are implemented.

The protestors, especially the women who were at the Ghazipur border, said that they fear that their kids might catch cold and that they might fall sick. They said that all of their mattresses and blankets were wet and that they do not know how they will make their kids to sleep. But, they said that they are not stepping back.

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