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The arrival of the New Year – 2021 ! Google announced with a special doodle

Finally, we had said goodbye and ended the most tough 2020. That year had been a lot tough in terms of all the ways, whether it’s about the COVID virus or about any other major problems across the world. 2020 year has also taught us many life lessons.

Every year at 31st December, people gather around with their friends and family and have a party and dinner together , celebrating the New Year. This year we were not able to have large gatherings or parties because of the social distancing that the COVID has made us to follow. Although people around the world were celebrating this day virtually.

Google had also marked the arrival of New Year on 31st December, Friday have also marked the arrival of 2021 with a special doodle.
The doodle that the google had uploaded showed a cuckoo bird that was announcing the arrival of 2021 — a year that will be marked with uncertainties in between the coronavirus pandemic.

Google wrote that a day before that too they had revelled a similar doodle for the New Year’s eve. They also wrote that although It’s been a cuckoo year, but the clock of 2020 is ticking.

This year the New Year’s Eve was celebrated in a very dull manner across the globe. This is because the world is still continued to be in the COVID and in a pandemic that has taken lives of about 1.8 million different people in less than a year.

Restrictions were imposed in almost all the countries for the celebrations across the world. In India also the night curfew was also imposed in several cities and the large gatherings was also banned.

The eagerly awaited first few seconds of the New Year 2021 fell on the Pacific nations of Kiribati and the Samoa from 1000 GMT. Uninhabited islands like Howland and Baker will also be the last one to tip over into the New Year.

The arrival of the New Year – 2021 ! Google announced with a special doodle
The arrival of the New Year – 2021 ! Google announced with a special doodle

New Zealand – a country which has won plaudits for the handling that it did for the coronavirus, after that it was followed by the Kiribati and Samoa. They had huge and large crowds of people who were gathered in Auckland to watch a fireworks display.

In the largest city of Australia which is Sydney, the fireworks lit up the across the sly along with glittering harbour with a dazzling display, but there were only few spectators who were able to watch that in person.

In the country of Russia, the President Vladimir Putin had acknowledged in a New Year’s address that a second wave of Covid-19 that was going on in the nation.

In the city of London, an American singer-songwriter Patti Smith who is 74-year-old. They had also been due to ring in the New Year. They had also given a tribute to the National Health Service workers who all have died from Covid-19, they had also projected on the screen at Piccadilly Circus and that was streamed on YouTube as well.

But due to alarm at the rising infections and COVID rates that are happening in the country, the projection on the big screen was cancelled with the tribute to watch that instead solely online.

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