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‘That can’t be taken away’: Raina on her debut Grand Slam experience after loss

Ankita Raina’s 28-year-old goal from an unexpected double exit was to enjoy her first taste of the Grand Slam painting game after nine attempts to filter out singles.

When she walked into Melbourne Park Court 12 on Thursday afternoon in her first Grand Slam match, Ankita Raina felt “in place”. The backhand winner in the net is the Indian who finished the starting point of the game.

“C’mon,” exclaimed Raina. And with this he continued his long-awaited Grand Slam tour.

The end of the match was completely different from the start, when Raina and her Romanian teammate Mihaela Buzarnescu lost to Australian champions Belinda Woolcok and Olivia Gadecki 6-3, 6-0 in the first round of the Australian Open women’s doubles. Hoping for a place of lucky defeat for unmarried people, Raina instead met Buzarnescu with a double-minute draw at the last minute. The indecisiveness of the Indian-Romanian as a double team – this was their first game together – in a windy situation it was evident against two strong locals in a game where Raina failed to hold on to serving.

‘That can’t be taken away’: Raina on her debut Grand Slam experience after loss
‘That can’t be taken away’: Raina on her debut Grand Slam experience after loss

But 28-year-old Raina’s goal since the unexpected double exit was to appreciate her first taste of the grand drawing game Grand Slam after nine attempts to filter out singles. “That will not be taken away from me,” Raina said after his game on Thursday. “I felt terrible, because I was lost. But it was fun to play the big line of Slam. I’m really looking forward to playing one single game soon now. ”

The fact that India’s top female athlete has been on the elite in Melbourne and has not competed in a lower-level tournament elsewhere is due to her fight and defeat in the third round in Dubai last month, where she began stripping young Serbian teenager Olga Danilovic.

Raina was sent to Melbourne as one of the contenders for a place in the losing games. Instead of playing the first games of the new season and building on his fine finish in 2020 by winning a double ITF title, Raina was locked up for two weeks. However, Raina – who was ranked 181th in the singles and 115 doubles – would not have had it differently, as she had the opportunity to play a few more games at the WTA 500 level (the second highest in women’s tour) in a warm-up tournament last week.

“When the chance to lose luck came, I was very happy because I knew I would come on this trip and have the opportunity to compete and play events here. I would not have planned anything better for you. Of course, you may want to get better results. But being here, getting used to it, was the best thing I could ask for. I enjoyed my time in Melbourne, ”he said.

Last month, Raina played all four games. Outside of the Australian Open, he lost in the opening round of the Yarra Valley Classic event where he won directly in world No. 103 Aliona Bolsova of Spain. In the doubles, he has teamed up with Dutch woman Rosalie Van Der Hoek. Raina feels the more similarities she plays at a higher level, she will feel more stable.

He also said that wisdom is a game, and that he feels like he was there, and that he was also confident. Once you have completed a few similarities, it gets better and easier. You need to play a few matches, take out a few and feel stable at this level. Any player would love to compete at this level, so he was glad he got this opportunity. This will help him grow as an athlete.

The Australian Open experience has given Raina — who became the first Indian woman since Sania Mirza played in a major Slam team — the added belief that she is not too far behind restoring the habit of qualifying for singles. “This gives me a lot of confidence. Playing a big Grand Slam draw is a big deal. After Sania I don’t know how many years have passed. Now I want to play for equality which is the case for all other Islamic competitions this year in singles, ”he said.

Tennis players on stage often talked about how Grand Slam debuts will never be forgotten. Raina admitted that, but about the passenger: “I’ll try to replace him with my first single.”

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