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Tesla’s India chapter to start soon: Registers new R&D office in Bengaluru

Tesla Incorporated, a manufacturer of electric vehicles from the US, has reportedly stepped up its first foot in India. Automakers who follow the global system are said to have registered with the company – Tesla Motors India and Energy Private Limited. Reuters news agency reported that a lawsuit had been filed on Tuesday that the company had been filed on January 8. With a registered office in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the filing revealed that three directors of the company had been called. One of them is David Feinstein, currently CEO of Tesla.

Years ago, the founder Elon Musk wrote about his desire to enter the Indian market. But it has been canceled every time it demands higher import taxes, and a lack of EV charging infrastructure makes Tesla’s arrival unavoidable.

The Indian government has been insisting that electric vehicles have suffered a major setback in the past in order to reduce its oil import bill. In December 2020, India’s Minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari had confirmed the publication of my sister – Indian Express during an exchange of views that after successful negotiations with the company, a US-based car company would start selling soon and could look to manufacture its cars in India. Reuters also reports that India plans to provide $ 4.6 billion (~ Rs 3.3 lakh crore) to encourage companies to set up advanced battery-producing facilities.

Tesla’s India chapter to start soon: Registers new R&D office in Bengaluru
Tesla’s India chapter to start soon: Registers new R&D office in Bengaluru

Currently, the company office which is in Bangaluru is said to be a technology center. The IT regional office will assist the needs of the R&D company. Tesla has not issued a statement on any product launch in India at this time.

However, according to a statement issued by the Indian transport minister in his official tweet, Tesla’s commercial activities are at least likely to start in the near future. Tesla’s global product line consists of the Model S sedan, the Model X SUV, the Model 3 compact model and the Mod Y compact crossover. India being a sensitive market for the price, we expect cars like the Tesla Model 3 to make its start in India. But as India is a huge market for small SUVs, the Model Y is also unbeatable.

Current electric vehicles sold in India include the Tata Nexon EV at the end of the spectrum around Rs 13-16 lakh. IMG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric two other EVs will be sold in India and start at between Rs 20-30 lakh. However, in the luxury market, Mercedes-Benz launched the electric EQC SUV in 2020. Now Jaguar is set to launch the Pace electric SUV. Audi India has also been mocking the arrival of the E-Tron electric SUV for a while.

But car manufacturers wait to have enough charging infrastructure before they can officially sell a car. These SUVs fight in the ballpark for Rs 90 lakh to Rs 1 crore (ex-showroom).

If Model 3 or Model Y were to come, they would fill a gap in the middle – around a space of Rs 50-60 lakh.

Tesla – EV catalyst needed by India

Tesla’s arrival in India is expected to be a major factor in the transformation of Indian cars in dealing with the electric car battery. While many automakers around the world have been making EVs for some time, Tesla and its Supercharging network and its construction of a skateboard speaker on BEVs have shown that electric cars can become a reality.

Tesla will have to launch its largest Supercharger network in India first. Product launches will follow. Globally, the Tesla Supercharger network has set the stage for the construction of EV charging infrastructure. It is possible that if Tesla enters the Indian market, he could have a direct impact on the speed of the development of the charging network in the country. Therefore, to allow rapid detection of EVs themselves in India.

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