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Tamil Nadu steps up vigil along border as Covid-19 cases surge in Kerala

Tamil Nadu steps up vigil along border as Covid-19 cases surge in Kerala. The state health department continues to aggressively test for the virus and is involved in tracing the contacts, as it is determined to further bring down the cases, Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishnan said.

With neighboring Kerala and four other provinces in the country seeing an increase in Coronavirus cases daily, the Tamil Nadu government on Monday said surveillance in the border areas of Kerala had been tightened and made it mandatory for all returnees by plane to enter RT-PCR tests.

The state Department of Health continues to rigorously test the virus and participate in finding contacts, as it intends to continue reducing cases, said Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishnan.

Expressing concern about non-compliance, including those attending political rallies, he urged people not to lower their guard because five provinces in India have recorded an increase in cases.

“Wearing masks and maintaining social confusion should be strictly adhered to. It was noted at some political rallies that officials did not wear masks or follow social gatherings. Such a self-sacrificing attitude could lead to negative consequences,” he said.

Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, outside of Kerala recorded a daily increase in new Covid-19 cases.

The Union Department of Health said both Kerala and Maharashtra had arrested more than 74 percent of active cases in India.

Tamil Nadu steps up vigil along border as Covid-19 cases surge in Kerala
Tamil Nadu steps up vigil along border as Covid-19 cases surge in Kerala

“Tamil Nadu has a low confidence rate of 0.9 percent per 100 people and most of those who are diagnosed early with Coronavirus symptoms are treated and released. I urge people not to forget if they have symptoms of Coronavirus but to get tested and treated appropriately.” health worker tells reporters here after opening three dialysis rpt dialysis reverse osmosis (RO) plants at Tamil Nadu’s multi-super specialty Hospital, here, sponsored by the RCC Platinum Trust, a non-profit organization.

While drawing his attention to non-compliance and public attention at political rallies, he said the rules were the same for all people meeting in public places.

“We have instructed health officials to approve the wearing of face masks and to avoid public distractions before giving permission to meet without going for a random check-up at those meetings,” Radhakrishnan said.

Regarding defense measures, he said in addition to security camps, tropical areas will be inspected and cluster tests will be conducted in Chennai, Coimbatore and Chengalpattu districts.

All passengers arriving by plane must have valid RT-PCR certificates.

He also said that Passengers from the UK, Brazil and South Africa will be tested for TR-PCR on arrival.

An estimated 36 returnees from the UK and 26 contacts were tested, treated and discharged. And 10 out of 11 new infected passengers from the UK were also treated and released, he said.

In addition, district health officials have been told to be extra vigilant due to reports of dengue cases in a few southern districts and many from the Tirunelveli region have been in contact in Mumbai, the official said.

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