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Switch.do – A job portal launched to help the youth get employment

After the crisis of job growth in India, the launch of Switch.do comes as a refreshing change for all job seekers who are struggling to find suitable employment and start working in their dream industry.

Switch.do is an online activity portal that provides users with a wide range of IT functions that they can install. The platform has thousands of listed technical services, provided by some of the most popular organizations in the world. Switch.do aims to help new and experienced job seekers find suitable jobs and apply similarly.

The year 2020 has been a catastrophic year for businesses and individuals from all walks of life. As people are forced to live in homes, organizations that do not have the option to work from home have suffered greatly, which has led to many companies closing their doors and several businesses having to lay off their key employees.

This continued to increase the issue of employment as the right professionals had to stay home and wait for the right opportunity. Switch.do aims to provide this much-needed opportunity for talented people. By curbing real-time job postings that provide technical positions across the board, the job portal aims to drive work across the country without bullets.

Switch.do – A job portal launched to help the youth get employment
Switch.do – A job portal launched to help the youth get employment

Chitiz Agarwal, founder and CEO of Switch.do, believes the program will help streamline the work of many skilled professionals. He says Switch.do is a work of hope for all people who have all the qualifications, know their worth, and who can do nothing to hire themselves. He said they scan the IT industry and create the best job opportunities, helping them regain the lost joy of successful employment!

Currently, Switch.do offers the best technology services available in all major cities of India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurugram, Hyderabad and Chennai. Considering the size and demand for skilled Indian IT professionals around the world, plans to expand global locations such as New York and Columbus are on the line.

The workspace includes IT services for a variety of technologies, some of which include Salesforce, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Python, Blockchain, AWS, Data Warehouse, IoT, RPA, Php, OpenGL and Web Design.

Also, the platform is associated with a few reputable names in the Information Technology realm, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Accenture, Capgemini, Apple, Amazon, IBM and Deloitte.

By bringing a variety of services offered by some of the best names in the industry, Switch.do aims to serve new and aspiring aspirants in the region who want a great start and always excel in what they do. The site provides very easy operation for users, which allows them to get all the important information about all the posts posted and all the companies listed on the platform. Also, visitors can be sure that all activities posted on Switch.do are 100% authentic.

In addition, Switch.do believes in adapting to the latest technology and improving over time. All operations posted on the platform are subject to the latest and most appropriate technology that is here to stay. Chitiz Agarwal believes that staying up to date is very important.

He says you will no longer be able to run your business the way you used to ten years ago. He also said that with the huge increase in digital integration and automation, it is important to find strong technological trends and adapt to changes as they come at any time.

The Switch.do app can be installed from the Google Play Store on Android devices and the Apple Store for iOS devices.

About Switch.do

Switch.do is an online activity portal owned and operated by Chitiz Agarwal, who is also the founder and CEO of Techila Global Services, Salesforce Development Company and Salesforce Consulting Partner. According to Switch.do, Chitiz plans to launch CompanyBench, a B2B hiring site to provide IT companies around the world with the best people.

To maximize the flexibility of working and customizing seamlessly, Switch.do is compatible with all digital devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

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