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Staying fit: A beginner’s guide to mirror gazing meditation

Of the many ways in which one can remain fit, a mirror of meditation is a way to reap the rewards. Grand Master Akshar, a charitable philanthropist, spiritualist, lifestyle instructor, yoga-preneur and author explains that this method of meditation – as the word implies – includes “sitting in front of a mirror and spending time with your show”. So, it is something they are just beginning to enjoy doing.

He says that the process of meditating on glasses is known as ‘Darpan Dhyan’ in yoga.

How you start

Before you start, it is recommended that you take some preparation exercises to get the most benefit. Mirror meditation requires a person to have a consistent look, and in order to achieve this stability, the practice of ‘tratak’ meditation is advised. This helps you build the necessary focus on Darpan Dhyan, said the air chief.

Staying fit: A beginner’s guide to mirror gazing meditation
Staying fit: A beginner’s guide to mirror gazing meditation

The process

To practice mirror reflection, you will need a clean mirror. Set yourself in any comfortable position in front of it. It is recommended that you choose a position such as Sukhasana.

After taking this sitting position, look at your thinking for a while. The spirit king explains saying that they do not always have our best interests at heart. Instead, they avoid focusing on ourselves, using cosmetics or other distractions that distort our natural personality. Meditating on mirrors helps you to identify yourself.

The benefits of this process

* Practicing a positive attitude will build your confidence and help you to be more receptive.

* A powerful tool needed for growth and success.

* Many people are scared and wear masks to hide their true identity and come out of a world that expresses this false sense of identity. Mirror meditation helps you get rid of this hypocrisy. This exposure can empower you to face life with all its challenges.

When to practice?

“The best time is in the morning, but you can also do this twice a day – once in the morning and in the evening. Practice Darpan Dhyan continuously and every two to three months to get its full benefits. For beginners, this is a good place to start but as you continue your meditation, there are high and advanced variations in the same process. Special mirrors specially designed for this meditation will be used, and additional concentration techniques will be used, ”concludes the yoga practitioner.

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