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Some Things You Should Not Do This New Year

Throwing a New Year’s Party is very common. The year 2020 brought challenging times to our lives. People are now avoiding “crowded places”, due to the pandemic attack. Thus, this year brought a new definition for the word crowd. So, if you are throwing a New Year’s Eve bash, please be careful. Most people are not ready to attend any program with more than fifteen people. Don’t overlook the probable danger of COVID-19. By now, it is known to everyone about the new strain of this deadly disease has already come. Therefore, it is obviously better to stay on the safe side. At least, you should follow the precautions to prevent the virus from spreading faster. We all know that nobody does a party with masks on. We, therefore recommend a complete “No No” to such large parties this year.

Some Things You Should Not Do This New Year
Some Things You Should Not Do This New Year

India has already started taking preventive measures. As a matter of fact, some states are arranging for night curfews during New Year’s Eve. We request you to follow the state rules and regulations at all costs. Please avoid getting out breaking such curfews. Otherwise, your car may face seizure and potential arrest.

Avoid Physical Touches And New Year Kisses

New Year romance and new hook-ups are quite common. However, please leave such romantic ideas this year. A New Year kiss can even land you in a hospital bed. Therefore, try to understand the cruciality of the current situation and abide by the rules. Before going out for a date. Please be sure that your partner is not suffering from COVID. Force drinking s definitely another dangerous thing this year. Often, people do it for fun and enjoyment. But such a casual attitude can land you at high risk. Everybody should prefer drinking from one particular bottle or glass.

Some Things You Should Not Do This New Year
Some Things You Should Not Do This New Year

Welcome New Year Safely

Welcome 2021 wholeheartedly with your friends and family but maintaining social distancing. Last but not the least, please do not forget to wear masks. Always carry a sanitizer when you are out as well as when guests are visiting your place. Moreover, it is better to sanitize glasses, surfaces, furniture, and plates. If only the family members are doing a small get-together, then you can be a little casual. This year is finally coming to an end. However, there is no end to the COVID situation still now. Many of you may be too enthusiastic about the coming year. But, you should not do any kind of foolishness in such a scenario. It is more important for those who have kids or older people at home. Do not neglect these minor things as many lives are actually dependent on you. If you are not careful, your family is also not going to be absolutely safe.

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