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‘Sirf Radio nahi, har Entertainment Mein Mirchi Hai’

We all know Radio Mirchi and how it has been serving us with a lot of music and entertainment through its radio platform. But now FM brand Radio Mirchi has launched its new brand identity.  After 19 years of it’s journey, the amazing radio brand has undergone through a complete under service and has repaired and has pivoted to just Mirchi. Takingthe essence of the company’s transformation in its recent campaign titled with ‘Sirf Radio nahi, har Entertainment Mein Mirchi Hai’, the brand has removed the word radio from its logo. The change in it’s branding strongly shows us that Mirchi’s hyperlocal, multi-format platform content and its solutions capabilities that cut across digital, live and FM.  

‘Sirf Radio nahi, har Entertainment Mein Mirchi Hai’

Mirchi stands for everything now whether it’s for entertainment purpose or any other medium. It focuses on creating diverse avenues and different and unique content to be a part of their consumer’s life, regardless of the platform of consumption. Whether its for radio, digital, or any live events, Mirchi is available everywhere. Also it is providing unlimited entertainment to everyone not only in India but across the world. Mirchi’s channel features like Mirchi, Mirchi Love and Kool.

Under the live offering section, the brand will continue with its on-ground and virtual events such as Mirchi Music Awards, Mirchi Neon Run, Mirchi Cover Star, Mirchi Spell Bee, and Mirchi Rock N Dhol and many more. The digital business pays attention on new media properties like the Mirchi Originals, Web radios, Filmy Mirchi, Mirchi Murga,  among others. 

Mirchi has it’s170 digital influencers and are present on multiple platforms — it has 74 radio stations across the world along with 24 online radio stations, not only that but 12 youtube channels and accounts across various social media platforms.

After being in the FM radio business for two decades, the company now is approaching with its multi-platform and that reaches 63 hyperlocal markets with over 100mn+ consumers per month. 

Currently, the FM business stands at a level where 66% of overall revenues with solutions and digital market makes up the rest.

Prashant Panday who is the Managing Director and CEO at Mirchi, said that Over two decades, they have built a strong brand. Over the last few years they have been trying to make it’s content capabilities more diverse through multiple formats and platforms. The new brand identity tells and describes about their strategic move from only a play radio company to a full-suite solutions provider for their consumers and advertisers.

This marks the beginning of a new era for them and depicts their transformation to become India’s No. 1 city-centric music and entertainment company.

As an extension to this new step and their identity launch, Mirchi will be launching a song titled, “Sirf Radio nahi, har Entertainment mein Mirchi hai” featuring India’s leading artists. The company is also on it’s way to launch an A to Z video series, wherein each alphabet represents an entertainment feature or content created by the company since it came into existence.

Mirchi has evolved from just being a radio comany; therefore, consumers can catch the plethora of content emerging from the Mirchi franchise on platforms whether its MX Player, Amazon Alexa ,YouTube, Instagram, Echo devices, FB and much more.

Mirchi, owned by Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL), is an all- music and entertainment company that has private FM radio brand with 73 frequencies across 63 cities — Radio Mirchi.

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