HomeWORLDShared climate vision on visit agenda with friend PM Modi: Boris Johnson

Shared climate vision on visit agenda with friend PM Modi: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson on Wednesday during this week said a joint view of the UK and India on a sustainable future would be among the issues in the negotiations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he travels to New Delhi next month.

Addressing the International Conference on Disaster Infrastructure (ICDRI) launched by Modi, Johnson commended the Indian Prime Minister for “good leadership” in areas such as renewable energy in the global climate change fight and welcomed India’s “excellent move” by India and co-chaired with UK chairman .

Shared climate vision on visit agenda with friend PM Modi: Boris Johnson
Shared climate vision on visit agenda with friend PM Modi: Boris Johnson

He said the aim of the co-operative was to learn more from each other and to support those most at risk of the negative effects of climate change, such as small island nations.

He said in a video message that they have a shared vision for the sustainable future of our nations and the international community and I look forward to discussing these and many more with Prime Minister Modi on my upcoming trip to India.

Johnson is expected to visit our country India by the end of April during this year.

He also said that he applauds that his friend Premier Modi for his commitment to this wonderful project, Coalition for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure (CDRI). The UK is proud to be its chairperson and I am happy that since its inception, the federation has made such a good start with the signing of 28 countries and organizations.

He highlighted how the UK has embarked on its journey to make its infrastructure more resilient to disasters over the past decade and is investing 5.2 billion pounds in strengthening flood protection and has “expert resources to share”.

If their fight with Covid-19 has taught us anything last year, then they should be prepared to face any challenges that may arise next.

Johnson said that as the global climate changes, they must not do our best to fight Global Net Zero, the goal of reducing 2030 emissions, but they must also acknowledge its negative consequences and build resilience to disasters – their roads, bridges, power lines, our schools and hospitals – all the infrastructure they rely on to keep our economy and our communities safe. It needs to be fixed.

He added saying that as they look forward to COP26 in Glasgow this November, we are working hard to help countries cope with the effects of climate change. Let’s take action now so that as we build better in this epidemic, we will be cleaner and more green, making all our communities stronger and more resilient.

India and the UK are joint chairpersons of CDRI and are currently working together to build a new multilateral facility to support the Small Island Developing Countries in building resilient and disaster-resistant infrastructure.

Modi said In his inaugural message that their efforts to stay strong, they are all in the same boat. The epidemic reminded them that no one is safe until everyone is safe.

The event, hosted by India from Wednesday to Friday, brings together participants from international partners and organizations to promote the strength of new programs and infrastructure to combat climate change and disasters to support sustainable development.

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