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Shakeela Review: Biopic Starring Richa Chadha

The movie Shakeela, stars Richa Chadha and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles. Directed by Indrajit Lankesh, the movie has received a rating of 2/ 5 stars. The demons have seemingly put the lead actress Richa Chadha into a dream state. They want her to come clean about her private life. This is a rather strange role, that Richa Chadha has agreed to portray. Richa has played the role of a Malayali adult actress from the 90s. Richa Chadha has given a hard try to save the doomed film, from the very beginning.

Shakeela Review: Biopic Starring Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha Fought Back

Richa Chadha has managed to act pretty strong. The protagonist is caught between an exploitative industry and a bad mother. However, the viewers have gauged the movie on the lines of ‘The Dirty Picture.’ It is a sad pictorial depiction of a woman as a sex symbol, in an industry where viewers lap up her waist and other moves. But, no one has the courage to stand up to her. Shakeela was released on Christmas day.

It is a bit soulless and deaf in parts. Shakeela is constantly judged in the movie, as her films are not worthy of being watched with family. On top that, she adds to her misery by coming in the bad books of an industry insider.

Ester Noronha plays the role of her body double. It has not received much attention from the director-writer. However, it could have been a turning point for the film, had it received importance. The Shakeela-Suhana track loses its steam in the middle of the movie.

Cast And Crew – Shakeela

Pankaj Tripathi is also in the movie. He plays an insecure superstar. He does not take too kindly to Shakeela’s rise in the film industry. In the movie, the director has not been able to extract the right things from the actors, which could have otherwise proved good for the movie. Pankaj Tripathi emerges as the villain in Shakeela’s life. Tripathi adds his bit to the movie, with his acting, eyes, and expressions. However, his performance levels and abilities are highly disconnected.

Shakeela Review: Biopic Starring Richa Chadha

In the movie, there is a scene wherein Shakeela gets a small role in A Silk Smitha film. The nervous junior artist gets nervous and spills juice on the veteran actress and gets slapped. In progression of the events in the film, she carries on. After Silk Smitha’s untimely death, there is a void in the film industry. She moves in and makes hay for over a decade in the sexual space. Shakeela gives a completely bad reputation to the Malayali industry. So, much so that people start running campaigns against her.

A time comes when she wants to shed the image and star afresh in a newer version of herself. She narrates her story to a writer. The film has many flashbacks. It turns into a patchy melodrama, devoid of any shine. The movie shows throughout that situation was against the girl all the time. That is how it goes!

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