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Senior Cong leaders push for Harish Rawat’s name for CM, infighting intensifies

A few weeks after Congress general secretary and former Uttarakhand prime minister Harish Rawat called on the party’s central leadership to announce a candidate for the next general election in the 2022 general election, the issue has escalated as some senior party leaders want him to run for office.

The controversy over announcing the CM party’s face in the upcoming general election began after Rawat, a few weeks ago, called on the central leadership to do so “to bring clarity and eliminate confusion among party workers in the state.”

The state leadership, including head of state party Pritam Singh and opposition leader Indira Hridayesh, who are clearly in favor of the move, have tried to undermine the public’s view that the party will fight elections under “cohesive leadership.” However, many believing party leaders believed to be in Rawat’s camp including Rajya Sabha of Almora, Pradeep Tamta and MLA senior member Govind Singh Kunjwal have been disputing his CM faction name over the past few days trying to keep the issue at bay. burning.

Kunjjwal, who is a member of the Jageshwar constituency in Almora, said, “The candidate for the 2022 Congress of the 2022 Congress is Harish Rawat as he is the most widely accepted leader in government and no other leader can approach the public.”

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Similarly, MP for Rajya Sabha Tamta Tamta on Saturday while speaking to local media insisted that Rawat would run in the CM elections and said, “Rawat is the only national leader from the Uttarakhand Congress. No other leader is approaching his position in the state.”

Senior Cong leaders push for Harish Rawat's name for CM, infighting intensifies
Senior Cong leaders push for Harish Rawat’s name for CM, infighting intensifies

He said that there is a sense of anti-BJP in the community and to do that and to also defeat the BJP, he said that it is important to announce the face of the CM party in 2022.

With Rawat’s name being channeled by his main allies in the party, political analysts say that as a veteran politician, Rawat plays his cards wisely before the election.

USMA Kazmi, who has been monitoring state politics for the past two decades, said, “The whole game started about three months ago when party leaders and members close to Rawat held a press conference in Haldwani announcing him as the only face post of the CM if the party wins the 2022 election.”

Kazmi said that also, the fact of the matter is that he is the only leader in the party who is accepted by the whole community. He also knows that if the party wins, the one name that will emerge from the CM will be his. But he wants to make it clear before voting.

He also said that by pressing his name to run in the CM election, Rawat is trying to play two cards at the same time.

He also said that firstly, by doing this you want to lead an election alone that will give him the upper hand in awarding tickets to candidates. Second, he will be able to clear the CM position if the party wins, saying that, as the election was under his control, he would be CM.

Another political scientist and professor of police science at Garhwal Central University, MM Semwal, said, “Rawat is a veteran politician. He knows when to play his cards to keep his way to the top of the party.”

Senwal said that despite losing the 2017 year general election and the 2019 year general election, his popularity in government has not diminished. In fact, he has been actively involved in state politics and often hosts various political events or continues to make statements. This CM face strategy is similar and you know that He will be the CM if the team wins.

Party leader Devendra Yadav was not found without much effort.

The party’s head, Pritam Singh, however, tried to undermine it by saying, “As the party’s central leadership had said, elections would be held under the united leadership of overthrowing the BJP government in 2022.”

Opposition leader Hridayesh said, “Congress has never announced a candidate for the CM before the election. It did so in 2017, in the case of Rawat, when the party lost narrowly to only 11 seats.”

The country’s BJP leadership, however, took a jibe against Congress.

Bansidhar Bhagat, president of the party, said, “Congress cannot fix its house and dream of winning the election, which is ridiculous. The public has seen the work under Prime Minister Modi and CM Trivendra Singh. Rawat and they are happy with it. We will be in power again in 2022.”

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