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Richa Chadha shares narcissism checklist after Kangana Ranaut’s self-praise

Actor Richa Chadha looks just as funny with the latest tweets of actor Kangana Ranaut like all of Twitter. On Tuesday, in a few tweets, Kangana claims to be the most talented and ‘professional’ actor in the world.

Richa then provided a checklist of narcissistic personality disorders in a tweet. The list had a lot of signs to check out and Richa had marked a few of them in red, probably indicating which one is the same as Kangana’s best.

She said that it works more openly in public than in secret and that it lives in a dream world it could do (pornography, flirting, stories and dreams of success and unlimited fame, she said that they will lie and distort facts and change events to fit their agenda and that lack of empathy for others, especially those who exploit them are some of the marks they have marked.

Richa Chadha shares narcissism checklist after Kangana Ranaut's self-praise
Richa Chadha shares narcissism checklist after Kangana Ranaut’s self-praise

Although Richa did not mention Kangana’s name in her tweet, many did not take long to see who it was intended for. “All of these lines can be changed to one name and then @KanganaTeam,” read Twitter. “OMG … Absolutely true! Each sentence reminds the ppl who is right about this! I hope they will learn, too! Wow it looks like a propaganda to them,” wrote one.

Hansal Mehta also joked about Kangana but shared a photo of all the food he had just cooked and captions that looked very inspired by Kangana’s tweet. “A great talent warning. The kind of distance I show as cooking no other chef in this world has right now, I have a green salad like Caesar Salad or rendered renditions like biryani or nahari or qormas. I can also make a vegan as talented as a vegetable. makhani and spaghetti aglio e olio, “he wrote.

Hansal also after that deleted the tweet and wrote, She said that the Friends who care about her told her it was unnecessary and that’s why it was deleted.

Sharing photos from his films Ithalaivi and Dhaakad, Kangana wrote in his tweets, She said as a great warning of change, the kind she shows as an actor there is no other actor in this world right now, she said that she also have a green talent like Meryl Streep’s layered character but I can do a talented act like G Thalaivi #Dhaakad.

She also wrote that Kangana has promised to stop being arrogant if someone can name a better character than him. She said that she is open to debate if anyone can show me the breadth and artistry beyond me than any other actor on this planet she promise to stop her arrogance, until then she can really enjoy the luxury of #Thalaivi #Dhaakad.

When a Twitter user called her comparing herself to the 21st Academy Award nominee Meryl Streep, she wrote, “I really want to know why we serve white people? Forget their budgets and our age gap, tell me by imitating you just doing Thalaivi and Dhaakad? Queen and Tanu? Fashion and Panga? Kaya and Datto? The answer is no, so why not come from a deep company? “

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