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Railways doesn’t rule out of bullet train in Gujarat

Indian Railways has not ruled out with the possibility of starting the operation of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train. This train will be running between Ahmedabad to Vapi in the state of Gujarat if the availability of the land in Maharashtra gets delayed in the first phase.

Answering and responding to a question about whether the government would start any kind of operation in the two phases, V K Yadav who is the Board CEO and chairman of the railway said that they are eager to start the service on the entire stretch.

He also said that the Maharashtra government has assured them to make around more than 80% land available within the upcoming four months, they are also preparing whether they can run the train in the first phase between the Ahmedabad and Vapi district which gets around 325 km and if there is any kind of delay because of any reason for getting the land in Maharashtra. He also said that butt all these decisions will be taken only when we will have the clarity about land availability in Maharashtra.

It was reported on 26th November about how Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked the railways to complete this Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project. He said them to at least complete it for the Gujarat portion in time, if the land issues does not resolved for Maharashtra.

According to the Pragati meeting which was chaired by Modi on 25th November, the Maharashtra government has been directed to handover the land that is required in Thane and Vikhroli district urgently and also to balance the land by the end of April 2021. Railway and the environment ministries and the Maharashtra government have been told and guided to process that with proper speed and efficiency for the proposal of forest clearance.
The land purchased in Maharashtra portion till now has been around 23%.

Railways are now to adopt indigenous system to prevent collision

Railways doesn't rule out of bullet train in Gujarat
Railways doesn’t rule out of bullet train in Gujarat

V K Yadav who is the Railway Board chief told the reporters that they have decided to adopt indigenous train collision avoidance system which is known as the TCAS that will be getting in line with ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and also ‘Make in India’ vision.

 This means the national transporter of the country won’t go for the European Train Control System technology. Earlier, it had also planned to carry out a pilot run of around 600 km across the country. Railtel who is the railway PSU, had floated tenders for this pilot run. Yadav also said that the TCAS will also be installed along the freight dense routes by the month of the March in 2024 and across the entire network by the year 2030.

Yadav also said that despite of the COVID 19 pandemic, the railways will meet its operating expenditure from its earnings. He said that several expenditure-control measures and the freight revenue earnings will help to compensate for the losses that has happened in the passenger segment. The railways’ passenger revenue has got down to just around Rs 4,600 crore this year, but last year it was around Rs 53,000.

But the revenue that was got from transportation is set to be more than that of the last year. He also said that they have almost exceeded both the transport of loading and the revenue of transportation last year. So he said that the revenue of transportation this year would be more than that of the last year.

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