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Queen Elizabeth responds to Harry and Meghan’s accusations

Queen Elizabeth said on Tuesday the British royal family was saddened by the challenging experience of her granddaughter Prince Harry and his wife Meghan and promised to secretly deal with revelations about racist rhetoric about their son.

Meghan and Harry’s television interview with Oprah Winfrey shown on U.S. television Sunday has put the monarchy in its biggest trouble since the death of Harry’s mother Diana in 1997.

In a two-hour show, Meghan accused the British royal family of expressing concern about how dark their son Archie’s skin might be and ignoring his requests for help when he felt he wanted to commit suicide.

Harry also claimed that his father, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, had disappointed him and felt trapped in his royal life.

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“The whole family is devastated to learn how much of a challenge it has been for Harry and Meghan over the years,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement released by Elizabeth.

A royal source said that the issues raised, especially for racism, affect this. While some of the memories may differ but they are taken seriously and will be addressed privately by the family. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be the most beloved family members. The royal court considered this to be a family affair,  adding that the royal family should be given the opportunity to discuss issues raised privately as a family.

The interview was watched by 12.4 million viewers in Britain and 17.1 million in the United States, creating a problem for which the monarchy had to respond, media reported.

It showed divisions in British society, with some believing it to show that the institution was outdated and intolerant, while others criticized it as an artificial act that befell Elizabeth or her family.

“It can’t do much damage to the royal family, at least because there’s little you can do to protect yourself,” The Times said in an article entitled “Royal Attack”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Charles did not comment when asked by a reporter what he thought of the interview during a visit to the COVID-19 vaccine clinic in London.

A royal source said Elizabeth, 94, who has been on the throne for 69 years, wanted to take a moment before the Palace issued a response, saying it needed to be looked into.

A former royal aide said that it would be possible for three members of the royal family – the queen, Charles and Prince William, the successor to the royal family and Harry’s older brother, to hold meetings with their independent secretaries and communications chiefs to decide.

In this interview, about three years after her marriage at Windsor castle, Meghan sympathized with the United States for expelling other members of the royal family as careless, lovable, or guilty of racial slurs.

Queen Elizabeth responds to Harry and Meghan’s accusations
Queen Elizabeth responds to Harry and Meghan’s accusations

Meghan and Harry also had strong ties with the British media, successfully filing court papers from time to time, and repeatedly questioned what they said the report was tainted by racist symbols.

Harry said in the interview he did not know where to turn in the face of such media coverage and felt bad when his family failed to report racial reporting.

He said the royal family had an unhealthy agreement with the British tabloids and the family was confused that the media was turning on them.

Harry has said that there is a level of control over fear that has been around for generations.

Emperor, following its 1,000-year history of British and English history to William the Conqueror, the Meghan bomb has been compared to the troubles of the assassination of Diana and the 1936 coup d’état of Edward VIII. The spokesperson said that the british Prime Minister Boris Johnson is watching the conversation, but would not comment further.

Johnson said on Monday he really liked the queen but did not want to talk about the interview. New

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said his nation is unlikely to relinquish power as queen soon.

Opponents of the monarchy say allegations made by Meghan and Harry show how corrupt the institution is and that the palace’s public relations machine has created a negative image of the monarchy.

Graham Smith who is the head of the Republic said that the people are now getting a clearer picture of what a monarchy really is. And that it does not look good.

Royal supporters threw Meghan, 39, a former American actress, as someone who wanted to be broadcast in Hollywood. A study by YouGov found that most young people thought that the royal treatment of the couple was inappropriate, while half of the adults said the opposite.

The sheer number of claims has raised questions about how the British monarch, who survived centuries of revolution against her cousins   across Europe, could work in the right world. Turning two years old in May, he was denied a prince because there were concerns in the royal family “about how dark his skin would be when he was born”.

He declined to say who expressed such concerns, such as Harry. Winfrey later told CBS that Harry had said he was not the queen or her 99-year-old husband, Philip, who had been in hospital for three weeks while the problem persisted.

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