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Puri Ronesh – Life Sciences top draws for talents finds survey

For the first time ever in the history, perhaps now again the health science has emerged as the most preferred field for forecasting to attract talent, ahead of IT and FMCG, this year.

In a study conducted by Executive Access, 23% of the 261 CXOs in industry and geographies have chosen health science as the most attractive field for talent. Followed by IT (22%) and FMCG / consumer firmness (16%).

Voters are increasingly looking for safer industries – those that prove less volatile and are included in economic solutions.

Ronesh Puri who is the executive director at Executive Access India, said that In 25 years he have never seen health science top the charts for being a talented attraction. He said that Clearly, the priorities have changed for job seekers. in public.

Given that Covid-19 has had a profound effect on people’s minds, Puri said thinking has also changed. Puri also said that according to anecdotally again, people came to them and said they wanted to work in the field of health science.

Puri also said that they find it very logical as it is something that protects their loved ones. People look for a purpose when they want to join an organization. Prior to Covid, sectors such as FMCG, IT and BFSI have attracted excellent talent. IT is known as a factor which has changed the way they work, and also it is something second best after health science. FMCG has also been shut down and will continue to be a magnet for talent.

Pankaj Patel who is the chairman of Zydus Group, said there would be great potential for growth in the healthcare sector and health sciences in the first decade. Healthcare and life sciences have also had a profound impact on the economy, and it is expected that advances in medicine, health care, vaccines and diagnostics will be considered. Patel said India would be at the forefront of pursuing these opportunities globally, in research and innovation and manufacturing.

Puri Ronesh – Life Sciences top draws for talents finds survey
Puri Ronesh – Life Sciences top draws for talents finds survey

Patel said that this field has been driven by knowledge, technology and also skills and that it will be in great demand in the next upcoming decade of small talents. He also said that opportunities will open up for the researchers, scientists, technologists and technicians as the Indian health sector continues to develop, digitize and also test the new technologies and tools such as AI.

Sudarshan Jain, general secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, said that because health care will be the most important thing in India, the sector will attract talent and will be a satisfying place to make a difference and contribute to society and career growth.

On the other hand, the spirit of hospitality is expected to enter into attracting talent, at least after Covid-19. The long-term attraction of the tourist industry may be considered as normal travel. It is clear that the industry is vulnerable to global crises and this could lead to a shift in skills, according to the study.

In addition to their chosen fields, candidates also change their preferences for the type of organization they would like to work with.

From a talent perspective, more than a quarter of respondents have put job security ahead even though the economy is slowing down. However, some respondents took the opportunity to look at new roles that would provide growth (19%), flexibility in remote work (18%) and job satisfaction (17%). Salary and compensation (money) now seem to have taken the back seat.

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