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Puratos’ latest venture Sparkalis will “empower food tech changemakers” in bakery and chocolate sectors

Puratos’ latest venture Sparkalis will “empower food tech changemakers” in bakery and chocolate sectors. Puratos has launched Sparkalis, a new business that supports innovation in the fields of baking, patisserie and chocolate.

Its flexible approach means that it can provide unwavering support to accelerate the business growth of food technology developers. The ingredient manufacturer is involved in the development of services and ingredients while also driving partnerships with start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Sophie Blum, co-manager of Sparkalis and marketing officer at Puratos, says the start has been a significant part of the global food industry.

“Over the past few years, we are also seeing a growing number of beginners in the food industry,” he said. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 cinemas will start in Europe, covering a whole range.

Blum continued saying that they are seeing the acceleration of digital and online services, plant-based and health-based start-ups among the sectors we want at Sparkalis. Specifically, we now see consumer interest in plant-based solutions and in their determination to understand how their food solutions affect the planet.

Sparkalis incorporates incubator support by providing expertise to founding founders and entrepreneurs with proprietary data from the most comprehensive global, consumer research program.

According to Blum, the increasing involvement of consumers around the world who want to understand where their food products come from suggests a great opportunity to get started in the industry.

“Bakery, patisserie and chocolates offer many new opportunities from ingredients, resources and business models in every retail space. If we look at consumer expectations right now, we can expect increased offers online, with a clearer understanding of health and social ingredients and an understanding of global discovery and impact. ”

Puratos’ latest venture Sparkalis will “empower food tech changemakers” in bakery and chocolate sectors
Puratos’ latest venture Sparkalis will “empower food tech changemakers” in bakery and chocolate sectors

Even starting with the most exciting new things is often lacking in the “seed” or “pre-seed” category to turn their ideas into awesome products.

Through this partnership, Sparkalis will focus on making baked goods healthy and sustainable, for example. Investment will include projects in plant-based products, fermentation and digital integration. The work will also support production ideas.

A global network of nearly a hundred experts is ready to evaluate projects and personally identify the most promising start-ups soon.

A dedicated Puratos expert will advise each supported project to increase opportunities to turn new ideas into practical success.

The service will provide:

• Complete technology in product development.

• Global expansion of market-friendly solutions.

• Support for legal requirements.

• Training opportunities.

“Sparkalis underscores Puratos’ continued commitment to innovation to create healthy and sustainable ‘food’ around the world,” said Filip Arnaut, managing director of Sparkalis and director of R&D at Puratos.

“Our team of international experts, each with their own professional background, is excited to turn their ideas into successful business realities,” adds Blum.

Further he said that the work provides the perfect growing soil to discover new food innovations while relying on century-old Puratos R&D, network understanding and consumer understanding.

Ongoing projects

Sparkalis will also provide partners with access to the Turatos private research program Puratos, a comprehensive system of deep understanding of global and local consumer behavior in bakery, patisserie and chocolates.

In February, at the same time as the 100th anniversary of its founding, Puratos expanded its African trajectory through two joint ventures in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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