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Protesting Farmer groups cut power supply of 1,300 Jio towers

The agitating farmers and their supporting groups which are in Punjab have targeted the telecom towers of Reliance Jio in the state. They are thus interrupting by causing damage to the mobile and internet services of the company and that is leading to cause the inconvenience and problems to it’s consumers.

According to the sources given by the industry, the trouble causing groups have cut off power supply of around 1,300 Jio mobile towers of in the state. There are around a total of 9,000 towers of Jio in Punjab. For some towers of the towers in the state the fibre of the wire has been cut down by such farmer groups.

As it is known that the state’s farmers are protesting against the new farm laws and are forming and giving the opinions that the central government are not accepting.  In the process of the protest that they were doing, they also gave a call for boycotting all the products of the Reliance Industries’ and Adani Group.

The sources of the Industries said it is fine and as a sign of peaceful protest that if the farmers want to boycott product and that they do not want to buy Jio SIMs or give up their existing Jio connections but doing the destructions to the assets of the company cannot be taken and seen as a sign of peaceful protest.

Protesting Farmer groups cut power supply of 1,300 Jio towers
Protesting Farmer groups cut power supply of 1,300 Jio towers

The situation has now become more critical and on 25th December, according to a report given by Amarinder Singh who is the Punjab chief minister, he also made a serious request to the farmer groups to not cause any kind of inconvenience to the general public by doing such actions that are not peaceful.

He asked them to maintain the same restraint that they had been showing over the past several months and also said that the telecom connectivity had become even more critical for people now because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Singh’s appeal had come in the wake of a request from the Tower and the Infrastructure Providers Association which is known as the TAIPA, which is a registered body of telecom infrastructure providers. They were asking the state government to tell the farmers not to do any kind of unlawful activity in their fight which they are doing against the farm laws.

They were also telling the farmers to not shut down the telecom connectivity by force and take the law into their hands by manhandling employees and also the technicians of telecom service providers. The chief minister had said that such actions were not in the interest of Punjab and also not for its future.

Singh further said that force break or interruption in the normal cause of telecom services because of the breaking of the power supply to mobile towers by the farmers in several parts of the state is not only adversely affecting the studies and the future prospects of students who are totally dependent on online education but it is also hampering and disturbing the daily life and the activities of the during this pandemic for the people who are working from home.

He said that further the interruption of the telecom services would also seriously affect the state and also it’s economy that is already disturbed.

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