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Priyanka Chopra’s book : Unfinished

We all know about Priyanka Chopra and her huge success in the field of Cinema. In a vogue interview, Priyanka Chopra was asked if she writes a book someday, what will be its title. She answered saying that she will name her book as “unfinished”. In this year Priyanka is here with announcing her book. She is super excited about her upcoming book. It’s an autobiography, and it is titled as Unfinished.

Priyanka shared a new picture on Instagram on 8th December 2020, Tuesday. She showed her fans the excitement and how she cannot wait to get her hands on the book and to launch it.

In the Instagram post, Priyanka was seen wearing a pretty striped black suit and an awesome white shirt, she was seen flashing a big smile as she was holding her book. However, she wrote it and made it clear that she was just holding the cover of the book and is still left to receive the actual book.

She wrote that the feeling when was holding her book in her hands for the first time… she said that she was just kidding, she only received the outer cover and so she wrapped it around a book to see what it would really feel like. She is so eager and that she can’t wait to get the first printed copy. The first printed copy will be received in next month as she said ! She also had a hashtag with #Unfinished written in the caption along with the post.

Priyanka Chopra's book : Unfinished
Priyanka Chopra’s book : Unfinished

Earlier, Priyanka had also talked about the book in an interview to Bombay Times as well. She said that she was a small-town girl who used to dream big and she used to dream and her aspirations were bigger than she was supposed to have. So, with her story she hopes that the reader understands the resilience and grace under fire that is needed to chase their dreams and targets.

 She said that the book will give you an insight into her journey, in her words. She also said that the book is sort of the ‘in-between interviews’ versions of her life, the public version versus her real story. She also added that the book disclose and will show the readers the human side and version of her.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra was overjoyed and a lot happy after the Unfinished became the best-selling book on Amazon, within the first 12 hours of being made available for pre-order. She also said that the book is expected to arrive in January 2021.

Not just her book, Priyanka is also looking forward to multiple film and television projects in the upcoming years. There are movies such as The White Tiger and We Can Be Heroes up for release already. She also has Matrix 4 and Text For You in production already. She has also signed a huge project with the Russo Brothers, which is titled as Citadel, which is a dance reality show with Nick, and it is called as Sangeet.

She also has a upcoming project with Mindy Kaling and the Maa Anand Sheela biopic.

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