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Pooja Devi: J&K’s first woman bus driver

A mother of two children became the first woman bus driver on 24th December, Thursday. It was when Pooja Devi carried the  passengers of Jammu and Kashmir from one place to another in a private bus that was travelling from Kathua to Jammu.

She has been brought and grown up in a remote a remote village which is known as the Sandhar-Basohli village. This place is in the Kathua district. She is right now in her late 30s, she said that she was a lot passionate about driving and she loved it and also drove cars ever since she was a teenage girl. Since a very young age she said that she used to dream of driving heavy vehicles.

She said that her family did not support her initially. But, she said that she is not educated enough so that she can choose any other job or that she can do any other thing, she also said that this driving of vehicle that she is doing, suits her. She said that before driving such huge vehicles, she used to drive a taxi. Learning to drive a taxi and practicing it has helped her to learn how to drive big and huge commercial vehicles.

She said that not only Bus and Car but she also drove a truck in Jammu. She said that her dream has now finally come true after she drove this vehicle. During that talk, her toddler son was lying on the seat that was behind her. Her another child is a daughter and she is a student of class X.

Pooja Devi: J&K’s first woman bus driver
Pooja Devi: J&K’s first woman bus driver

She said that the Women of today’s generation are flying fighter jets, airplanes and what not. She said that she wanted to break the taboo that is going on in the Indian culture that only men can drive passenger buses and it is only their part of the job. She wanted to send out a message and be an inspiration to all those women who want to try their hands and so some challenging jobs and also to those women whose families would not let them follow their dreams and restrict them.

Pooja had also expressed her gratitude and affection to the transporter who allowed her and gave her the job of driving a passenger bus that had it’s route  from Kathua to Jammu after testing her driving skills.

She added saying that the Jammu-Kathua-Pathankot highway has a lot of heavy traffic and because of that it makes it a difficult run for any driver who is driving across that path. But, she said that she always dreamt of that. The first drive that she had gave her a lot of confidence.

She also said that her male colleagues who were along with her have been a lot welcoming and also very helpful, she said that she ignores all the stares and comments that she get from the people for the job that she does. She says that she knows that many people turn away when they see a woman behind the steering wheel of a heavy vehicle. She said that she just keeps herself focused on her driving and ignores other things.

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