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PM: World is waiting for India’s vaccines, watching how it runs…

Recognizing India’s image as a global pharmacy, PM Narendra Modi said on Saturday that it was ready with two goals made in the COVID-19 environment to “protect” humanity, and stressed that the world not only expects them but also looks at how the nation operates the world’s largest vaccine program.

In his inaugural address to the 16th Summit of Pravas Bharatiya Divas (PBD), Modi also said that while democracy is strong, vibrant and healthy anywhere in the world, it is in India despite the negative predictions of its survival in the country of independence.

He urged the Indian diaspora to make use of the many products made in India, saying it would enable those living near them to use these items as well.

The dispersal of Indians plays an important role in the development of the ‘Indian name’ as the country develops self-confidence, the prime minister said.

Commenting on India’s war on the coronavirus, he said the country was one of the countries with the lowest number of deaths and the highest detection rates.

He also said that as a global pharmacist, India has provided essential medicines to all the poor’s of the world in the past and is doing so now. The world is not only expecting Indian drugs and medicines but also looking at how India is doing very well in the world vaccination program.

PM: World is waiting for India's vaccines, watching how it runs…
PM: World is waiting for India’s vaccines, watching how it runs…

India’s proposed solutions will benefit the world, the prime minister said, adding that the country’s pharma industry has shown that if the country is strong in any field, this benefits everyone.

Commending the contribution of Indian residents to the country in which they live, Modi said he had spoken to many chiefs in recent months, and especially noted how Indians, whether doctors, paramedics or other citizens, had served their communities.

Modi said he was very proud of the recognition of Indian immigrants and commended them for their contributions to the PM-CARES fund, which was used to expand the country’s health infrastructure.

He also appealed to the expatriate Indians and expatriates to work on a website that would include those Indian members who played a significant role in the country’s liberation struggle.

He said India was using technology to defeat corruption and a large amount of rand was being transferred directly to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

India has shown in the field of renewable energy that a developing country can also take the lead, he said, adding that the country’s one-day, one-world, one-grid ‘global grid is appealing to the world.

He also said that when India gained Independence it was said that a poor and less educated country would disintegrate and democracy would not be possible here. Today the reality is that India is united and if democracy is strong, alive and healthy anywhere in the world then it is for sure India.

Modi told the scattered Indians that the country was always with them and pointed out that more than 45 lakh people were rescued under the Vande Bharat regime during the epidemic.

Earlier the keynote address at the 16th PBD Convention in the year 2021 was delivered by Chandrikapersad Santokhi  who is the chief guest.

The theme of the sixteenth session of the PBD Convention 2021 is “Contribution to Aatmanirbhar Bharat”.

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