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PM Narendra Modi to flag-off India’s first driverless train on December 28

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is about to inaugurate the first ever driverless train of our country. He will be inaugurating and the first ever driverless train will be set on Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line that will be connecting Janakpuri West and Botanical Garden on 28th December,  Monday.

The prime minister will also be inaugurating the fully operational National Common Mobility Card service. He will be doing this inauguration through a video conference on the Airport Express Line at 11 AM.

The DMRC said that these innovations that are happening now are going to lead a way for the new era of travelling, comfort and also enhanced mobility for Delhi-NCR residents. The DMRC’s statement read that with the beginning of the driverless trains on the Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line, the DMRC will also enter the most powerful league of 7% of world’s Metro networks that can operate without having the drivers on seat.

The driverless trains will be fully automated and will not need to have humans to operate it. This is aimed to completely remove the possibility of having any kind of human error. 

The Delhi metro said that the driverless trains will be fully automated, and also it will require minimum human help and will also remove the possibilities of human errors. Delhi Metro has always been in help to introduce technology driven solutions for the comfort of the passenger and this is another big step that they have taken in the same direction.

It is expected that Delhi Metro’s Pink Line would have driverless operations by the mid of 2021. 

The Delhi Metro currently runs on a network of line of about 390 kilometres , covering around 285 stations and spanning 11 corridors including Noida as well as the Greater Noida. 

PM Narendra Modi to flag-off India's first driverless train on December 28
PM Narendra Modi to flag-off India’s first driverless train on December 28

Before the COVID-19 outbreak took place severely in this year, over 60 lakh journeys carrying a lot of people to and fro were being performed every single day on the Delhi Metro network.

Right now around 702 kilometres of Metro lines are under operation across 18 different cities in India. About 27 cities in the country will also have Metro connectivity in the upcoming years and by the year 2022, India is likely said to have a combined Metro network of over a thousand kilometres.

Here’s what  you need to know about India’s first driverless Metro train:

The trials for the train started along the 20-km stretch that was done on the Pink Line during the month of December back in the year 2017.

The automatic trains that will now start working will only be limited to Line 7 and Line 8 of the DMRC network because the driverless train operation (DTO) or as the unattended train operation (UTO) modes can only be implemented on lines that come under the Phase III .

These trains will be controlled entirely and will be managed  from DMRC’s three command centres, without any human intervention that will take place. The Communication Based Train Control technology will also help to make it possible to monitor and troubleshoot every aspects of the train operations remotely and the manual intervention will also be required, but it will be only in the cases of the hardware replacement.

The information controllers will handle the passenger information system as well as the crowd monitoring at the command centres. With the access to CCTV feed, all the rolling stock controllers will also be monitoring the train equipment in real-time, they will be downloading the faults and other events that are captured by CCTV cameras and also assist and guide the traffic controllers for executing commands remotely.

DMRC has also engaged a consultant for the inspection and to review the entire system.

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