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PM hails Covid warriors, scientists says vaccines will give decisive win

The vaccine launched on Saturday will bring complete victory in the fight against the Covid epidemic and the prioritization of health workers is a national gift for their self-sacrificing commitment and the dangers they face voluntarily, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday.

Launching an Indian vaccination campaign by talking to health workers in various cities, Modi became an emoti-onal, remembering the HIV-positive health workers, who never returned home, silently before he could continue. He also congratulated the scientists for coming up with a vaccine during the recording, saying that India’s war against Covid shows its determination, confidence and independence (atma vishwas aur atma nirbharta).

As he had done earlier, the Prime Minister urged people not to allow propaganda, saying that the drugs approved for use in India were safe and that the government should make decisions based on the advice given to scientists. You have flagged the program by clicking on the button followed by a video message playing Sanskrit chant — sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramaya – (All be happy, All be free).

Emphasizing his reliance on locally produced vaccines – Covishield (produced by Oxford University and AstraZeneca) and Covaxin (produced by Bharat Biotech) – for the program, the Prime Minister said the jabs were built on a technology platform that was being tested and tested “, inexpensive, easy to use and adaptable to Indian conditions. He said the vaccines were inexpensive and that some used in other countries cost Rs 5,000 per gun and required a maximum temperature of 70 centigrade.

“These vaccines will give India a complete victory in the fight against Covid-19,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the India vaccination program was based on human principles and that those who needed the most vaccine would get it first.

“Those most at risk will get it first – doctors, nurses, hospital sanitation workers, paramedics – they deserve it,” Modi said, as India embarked on a campaign to vaccinate health workers and paramedics.

PM hails Covid warriors, scientists says vaccines will give decisive win
PM hails Covid warriors, scientists says vaccines will give decisive win

With tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat, Prime Minister Modi recalled the difficult times of 2020 when families were torn apart by the epidemic, and when they failed to even offer a cultural transfer to the dead.

Acknowledging the struggle and the role of health workers and leaders in fighting the unprecedented challenge of the disease, he said these corona heroes gave their all and left their children and families behind to save other people’s lives. “Many such people have not been able to return home,” he said, emphasizing that the provision of immunizations by health workers is a priority and a sign of respect for such people from the community.

The Prime Minister also warned people to make sure they take both doses in a one-month period and urged them to adhere to Covid’s ethical standards even if they have been vaccinated. “Dawaai bhi, kadaai bhi,” he said.

Modi said to not make the mistake of taking one dose and forget about the second dose and do not forget the correct coronavirus character after receiving the dose. He also said that the patience with which you fight coronavirus, will also show the same patience during the vaccination right now.

On the first day, the Covid-19 vaccine was given to health care workers at 3,352 session locations covering all provinces and UTs across the country. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also reviewed the day’s activities with the countries’ health ministers and UTs on Saturday evening.

The Prime Minister said the vaccination campaign will continue for a long time and other countries will benefit from India’s experience given the size and size of the operation. Warning people not to fall prey to rumors or propaganda, he said India has a good record in the production of vaccines and 60% of the world’s children are getting vaccinated in India.

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