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Personal hygiene lessons we learnt in this pandemic year 2020

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are something and some virtues that have been known to us since ancient time. Yet, sometimes we lack on this factor and that might be because of the lack of time and mostly also because of not getting access to resources because of the poverty. Even today, the lack of awareness continues and that leads to the unhygienic practices. That could be like wearing the same clothes for many days, not washing the hands before meal and other such habits that the modern people continue to forget to put into practice. Once after the COVID-19 outbreak took place, hygiene among the people have emerged at it’s best.

Throughout the year 2020, all the people around the globe have all fought the war against the severe COVID-19 . This year has taught us that the Personal hygiene is no longer a choice, but it has now become a necessity. It is essential for the of the people and also for the well-being of the people who are around us.  Now lwt us look at some of the major and most important hygiene lessons that have came out throughout this year and will also be carried for the years ahead.

Social distancing and the masks

COVID is a viral pandemic and that it spreads from the respiratory droplets. When an infected person from the virus releases such kind of droplets in air then they are estimated to travel up to around six feet and any healthy person who is coming in that area can end up inhaling that contaminated droplets. Thus, throughout this year we heard people say to compulsorily and also to maintain a distance of about six feet or more from other people in the public and crowded places. Wearing a mask is a necessity and also compulsory this days as it help to block the heavy respiratory droplets and hence helps us to prevent the accidental inhalation. 

Personal hygiene lessons we learnt in this pandemic year 2020
Personal hygiene lessons we learnt in this pandemic year 2020

Hand hygiene

The second-most reason for the spread of the virus is when someone touches a surface which is contaminated, the surface which might have got the respiratory droplets or been touched by the infected person. Surfaces like that of the door knobs, the handles of the doors , the counters or the switches and also the poles on the roads and public places can prove to be risky. We need to take the hand hygiene measures by frequently washing them with soap and water, especially after returning to home.

This may sometimes not be possible when you are outside, at that time one must use high quality alcohol based hand sanitiser which can kill the microbes that causes the spread of the virus

Touch-less living

Another lesson that we have learnt in 2020 is the hands – off style where no hand – shaking took place and the traditional greetings to the people took place by folding hands or by waving hands. This year the handshakes and the high fives were being replaced. In most of the countries the doors are either being or have a special person who can operate it or in few public places the doors are even automated with sensors to avoid using and touching hands.

Personal cleanliness

Along with all these, also the habits like regularly changing the clothes or washing them with the good quality of detergent and also using soap as well in order to disinfect while taking bath are the main norms these days for the hygiene.  

In conclusion
This pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in our lives and also with our routine and our work process. Along with the severe issues and problems that it had caused to our lives and the work processes, it can also affect the mental fitness of the people too. In such situations, hygiene and also the sanitisation products can help us from illness. Even with a vaccine, and even after the pandemic goes away we need to continue to follow the rules and to follow the personal hygiene for better heath and for better life.

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