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Page 3 Studio Organizes Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva’

A grand ceremony was organised for the Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva,’ event at the Page 3 Studio, Hazra – Kolkata to celebrate International Women’s Day. Page 3 Studio is a celebrity Salon which is under operation and has been serving people with it’s amazing services since past two and a half years. The owner of the firm is Arpita Banerjee who is a fashion styling expert and an established makeup artist since 4 years. She is also a motivational leader and a life coach who has already trained hundreds of life and has mentored them and helped to change their life. She is initially from Delhi but now is established in Kolkata. This Salon although being a celebrity salon but it is open for the ordinary females too. They have taken a challenge to make ordinary women EXTRAORDINARY.

Arpita Banerjee stated that this was beyond her expectation. For her, a woman is the ultimate truth of this universe. However, most of the time, society fails to acknowledge the untiring contribution of the ladies. They continuously play some role or the other to please other persons. Seldom has she some time to look at herself.

Page 3 Studio Organizes Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva’
Page 3 Studio Organizes Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva’

She added saying that their Salon that says Luxuriously Yours is an affordable place for modifying your looks. They are specialists in providing hair and skin services. Although their tagline says that it is a celebrity salon, yet their doors are open up for all. Phase – 3 is a unisex salon where even the common people get the chance to be treated just like a celebrity. Arpita’s statements made it clear that she got an overwhelming response for this International Women’s Day celebration.

On this auspicious occasion, they had chief guests with great personalities such as Lopamudra Mitra who is an embedment singer and also Sayantani Ghosh who is a social activist and an exceptional dancer along with Begum Mayurakshi who is an outstanding speaker and many others to make the day phenomenal. The entire event went till 7:30 in the evening. During this event they also had a cooking show by an expert celebrity chef – Bipasha Mukharjee who can be seen in various electronic media. Genie Entertainment has curated this event very beautifully in association with Phase 3 Studio.

They also got Miss Amrita Gupta who is the owner of Genie Entertainments. Genie is the official media partner of this event.

Page 3 Studio Organizes Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva’
Page 3 Studio Organizes Choose To Challenge ‘The Real Diva’

Genie Entertainment in association with Phase 3 studio has also produced a short film which was named as “Prarambh” which means “a new beginning”, the story of which is based completely on women depicting a simple girl from an advertising agency to be an ambident author. It narrates the journey of a girl towards her goals and how she overcames all the challenges. The teaser of the movie was launched there itself along with the presence of all its cast and crew members. The DOP and the actors were exceptionally good with their performances. The sessions throughout the event were very power packed with guests from all over Kolkata. Also the people who were being informed via Social media were also present there to enjoy and celebrate the part a women plays in our lives.

About Page 3 Studio

Page 3 has a host of services in skin, hair, and makeup. Moreover, the prices are very affordable. Get the most premium treatments today, only at Page 3 Studio. Page 3 Studio challenges old beliefs and ideas with their new age treatments for modern women. This is what Choose To Challenge signifies this year.

Address – 15-C, Hazra Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026, India

Phone Number – 033 4601 0071

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  1. Happy woman’s day.. Feeling very much proud and happy to be a part of this family. It’s my honor and I hope you are the best place where common woman like me.becone the special one in inner way or may be the outer way.. Thanks a lot for give me the opportunity


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