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Oxford University’s major Covid-19 therapeutics trial goes global

A UK trial of a possible Covid-19 treatment has begun enrolling patients abroad in hopes of speeding up the results, Oxford University said Thursday.

CNN reported that the RECOVERY trial is looking at whether existing drugs can be used to treat the virus. The case has registered more than 36,000 patients in hospitals in the UK since March 2020 and is now expanding to countries including Indonesia and Nepal.

During the news release, the randomized trial of the Covid-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) Trial, the world’s largest clinical trial of Covid-19 therapies, has now been expanded internationally with Indonesia and Nepal among the first countries to join. The first patients have also been recruited at RECOVERY International.

Peter Horby, professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health at Oxford, said he hoped expanding the study globally would enable researchers to explore possible treatments more quickly.

Oxford University's major Covid-19 therapeutics trial goes global
Oxford University’s major Covid-19 therapeutics trial goes global

Calling the case a “great success”, he said the case had registered “more than 36,000 patients and was now delivering clear results in six treatments.”

He said that by building on this success through international cooperation they can accelerate the testing of new therapies, increase the global value of trial results, build resilience, and also reduce the efforts to waste small, meaningless studies.

He added saying that It is very important to find a simple and inexpensive Covid-19 treatment that can be used globally … RECOVERY International will help them to find effective treatment options that can be used in areas that do not have many resources.

CNN also reported that the case had tested a number of drugs to determine which anti-Covid-19 function was ineffective. Last year, researchers in the case found that the cheap-acting steroid “dexamethasone” reduced the risk of death in critically ill patients Covid-19 – but that the anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine was ineffective.

The case, last week, released the first results showing that the arthritis drug tocilizumab could also save patients’ lives in hospitals with the powerful Covid-19.

The RECOVERY website said that the randomized trials of Covid-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) have shown that anti-inflammatory drugs, tocilizumab, reduce the risk of death when given to patients in severe Covid-19 hospitals. Studies have also shown that tocilizumab reduces the need for a ventilator from the time until patients are successfully discharged from the hospital.

In Indonesia and Nepal, the case will begin with the focus on aspirin and colchicine, a gout drug, the trial website goes on to say “because these are easily available and inexpensive but, like RECOVERY in the UK, this case is working and new drugs will be available. added later. “

According to the latest updates from Johns Hopkins University, worldwide coronavirus cases currently stand at 109,987,995 and the number of casualties from the deadly virus is 2,432,430.

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