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Ourea has transformed the global pandemic into a saga of success and hope

Ourea has transformed the global pandemic into a saga of success and hope. Today’s world as we see it always survives and overcomes many situations of disaster and disaster. Although statistical and statistical data continue to be complex, Corona Virus Disease – 2019 called COVID-19 previously referred to as’ 2019 novel coronavirus’ or ‘2019-nCoV, today has more than 108 million cases and cases worldwide that have claimed the lives of more than a million people. 2.39.

Apart from this, India today has more than 10.9 million cases and 156k confirmed the death in the paper. From the same ideas of being a basic weapon made by China to the prediction of a novel outbreak to the wider system of the secret society (called) the Illuminati, most of us cannot go past Instagram or Facebook or WhatsApp posts without setting our eyes on some conspiracy theories. associated with COVID-19 or COVID-19 vaccine.

Ourea has transformed the global pandemic into a saga of success and hope
Ourea has transformed the global pandemic into a saga of success and hope

The sad reality is that even after a year of fragmentation, today’s world or its inhabitants are still brazenly failing to reconcile the realities of this global catastrophe with one another or to prove any ideas and ideas of consistent combat strategies and irrefutable fragments of tangible evidence. However, the fact that very few or very small members of the professional community, especially beginners, have survived the epidemic remains largely ignored. Extreme risk to investors, end user abuse and disruption of the supply chain caused by the unfurl of coronavirus worldwide has been catastrophic in more than one way.

In the worst case scenario, the epidemic is considered to be likely to cost the world economy more than $ 2 billion. About 31 percent of India’s young people use retrenchment as a way to address the economic problems they face. The sum of the losses of India’s total domestic product that was imposed on a 40-day ban in India as a result of the epidemic is estimated at $ 320 billion in the United States. Therefore, a brief look at India’s business plan could give the impression that it is having a negative impact due to this global situation.

Thus, the proverb of Ourea – a 360 ° Business Management Consultancy based on the information technology center in Kerala, India – Ernakulam, becomes an inspiring inspiration for others.

The story of Ms. Anooja Bashir, a transformed business entrepreneur who has a lot of twists and turns. He graduated as a civil engineer, playing an important role in India and abroad from an interior designer to a project manager and yes, as an assistant professor.

She comes from a well-cared-for family where financial and social independence have been translated into dishonesty and dishonesty. His exposure and interviews with both academics and the company for more than a decade helped him identify the many cracks and splits that existed between the institutional evidence and the uniqueness demanded by the company.

 His concept of the LIKES program – Learning Innovative Key Employment Skills, has thus proved to be avant-garde in the field of skills development. He drew the melting points modules again

to distribute the quintessence of the company ask students. As the Panchatatva concept of life, which defines the five elements of life, the LIKES system revolved around five key elements of art. Therefore, with its remarkable vision and unwavering support of volunteers, designed and formed educators, strategists, program managers and technicians. The core of the LIKES program is based on the following themes: –

Earth – Foundation – Essential Technical Training

Fire – Passion – Personality DevelopmentTraining

Air – Smooth – Communication and Collaborative Skills

Water – Doing Shapeshifting – Picture Showing Creative Skills

Sky – Boundlessness – Corporate Etiquette and Management

The CTT or Base course, as Anooja calls it, aims to enhance and improve the skills and abilities of anyone who wishes to do it before and after entering the company world. He adds saying that while many want the epidemic to be a time of despair, his team and he saw it as a time to reconsider and encourage ourselves. Ourea never fell asleep or weakened but they went back to basics – they learned and could learn a lot. He also said that with the motto of helping companies find a place in the industry, Ourea is new and business seekers are helping them achieve their dreams.

The influence, experience and inspiration retained by Ourea thus helped more than 60+ brands, both from start-ups and transform existing institutions by giving them a face-lift. The beauty of this effort lies in its many uses during the epidemic. Together with Mr. Vinod Chacko, Founder and CEO, FlexiCloud and Mr. Naman Modi, Founder and CEO, Digitaliz, Anooja created a team with a clear sense of purpose, measurable objectives and strong infrastructure. An exciting case study could be re-branding and re-evaluating Faizal Savio Fitness during Ourea lock. Ourea’s diverse portfolio from Marketing and Branding to HR Outsourcing to Technical Training has contributed to achieving the same.

Advising individuals to pursue their dream of work in Anamz (paradise at all times) to fill a restaurant like Alakapuri, construction efforts like Scafftrade, Elakayre and Sanjeevini in medical and health at Evion in the company, Anooja in his words “( I) have created too many for me “as he has played a major role from the brand strategist to the ministering angel, watering many organizations large and small to stand and perform better, thus gaining a strong position in India and the world-up ecosystem.

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