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Oommen Chandy : ‘No plan to move court against solar scandal inquiry’

Congress-led leader and former Kerala prime minister Oommen Chandy on Monday said he had no plans to dismiss a court questioning the government’s decision to refer a sexual harassment case to the Sun Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He said he had no problem with the new development.

“Whatever agency I ask, I am not too worried. Earlier, three police chiefs investigated it and found that there was no relief to the wild allegations. The government has dropped the case for almost five years and has failed to do anything, ”he said, adding that the latest move was an election coup and would be a disgrace to the government.

The case involves the sexual harassment of Saritha Nair, who is openly accused of campaigning in the sun, by several Congress leaders including Chandy, AICC Secretary-General KC Venugopal, MPs Hibi Eden and Adoor Prakash and former MP AP Abdullakutty, now President JJ. In his complaint to the CM, Nair said he was sexually harassed by many leaders because of the salaries he received from them and failed to get justice from the local police. The country’s government has decided to take the case to a central agency on Sunday.

Oommen Chandy : 'No plan to move court against solar scandal inquiry'
Oommen Chandy : ‘No plan to move court against solar scandal inquiry’

The former CM said that the CPI (M) that they have tried has tried in every way to contact him in this case. It also registered a new case two years ago with unavailable offers. Many advised him to take the expected bail but did not do so. He said that his conscience is clear and his hands are clean. He also said that the CM Pinarayi Vijayan admitted his failure by taking the ball to the CBI court.

“In 2018, the government found a backlash in the High Court and did not go to the Supreme Court for fear of being attacked again. The recent move saves the CM face. I don’t see any other significance of it, ”he said, adding that the decision to impeach a case at the end of the fog would expose the government only.

He said that the people of the state will see the strategies of the government. He said that It comes at a time when the government is opposing organizations in many institutions on a number of occasions, including the assassination of two political twins in northern Kerala and Life Mission. He also told that the government was desperate to divert attention from gold trafficking and other crimes and therefore dropped the old fraud case where the government did not lose a single penny.

The scandal was centered on a fake solar company called ‘Team Solar’ founded in 2013 by Nair and her second husband, Biju Radhakrishnan, who showed off their connections with the prime minister’s office and tricked people into extorting money by promising to make money from business partners or donating solar power units. Chandy was a Kerala CM at the time and fired her private secretaries and director of public relations when their names appeared in the case. The government has also set up a judicial commission to investigate the case.

Interestingly, Nair was convicted of six counts in the past and is out on bail. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, he tried to oust Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Kerala’s Wayanad, but his election papers were rejected due to his conviction. Last year, the Supreme Court rejected his appeal against Gandhi’s election and fined him ₹ 10,000. Last month, police filed another lawsuit for allegedly defrauding many young people who offered government jobs.

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