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Office time: All dressed up, with lunch packed

Office time: All dressed up, with lunch packed. Educational institutions may not be fully operational across the country, but daytime boxes sell like hotcakes. Consumers: Office workers.

The manager of Tupperware India MD Deepak Chhabra citing data from on Google Trends said that last month, as offices began to open, they saw a change in consumer sector with the ‘hot tiffin box for office’ growing by 250% and tiffin boxes covering almost 100.

As Covid numbers are slowly declining in several parts of the country, people are regaining their confidence when they leave work. As a result, formal clothing, accessories such as shoes, bags and watches – with the exception of tiffin boxes – see increased sales. Monthly recovery is being witnessed by many of these categories, said industry officials.

Just as home-cooked meals are packed, so is the need to keep track of time after work. The Titan official Suparna Mitra said that the recovery in the clock has been progressing steadily over the past few months. By the end of Q2, while they recovery is just over 50%, the same in Q3 is close to 90% and we are seeing improvements in all channels and products.

Office time: All dressed up, with lunch packed
Office time: All dressed up, with lunch packed

And enough for roaming sports and the WFH year. Metro Brands has seen a rise in formal and office wear, with Q3’s official retailers seeing 200% growth compared to this year’s Q2.

The Metro Brands VP who is Alisha Malik said that people have started moving out, more offices have opened and the number of weddings has increased in the last quarter. He also said that the  Consumers, however, continue to seek fashion products in luxury. And that while it’s always important, consumers have no problem paying the right amount of quality.

Bata India has seen growth in sales of its own luxury business range in the past few months. Bata chief executive officer Matteo Lambert said that as a result of the workplace culture, consumer preferences have changed and gone to an unfamiliar area. They have seen people choose comfortable and casual shoes, and they believe that people will continue the trend once the offices are fully open. People are now choosing casual work clothes where they will be able to carry happiness at home wherever they go and wear them all day long.

There are many reasons for growth in various segments of consumers, including the holiday season that encourages spending. Another important factor is the need for consumers to celebrate relationships and social cohesion after a long lock.

As a result of the epidemic, the ‘traveler’ segment (dinners and bottles) saw a sharp decline in demand over the past year. Now Google Trends data shows that search rates for ‘dinners and tiffins’ have returned to pre-Covid times, says Therware’s Chhabra.

In addition, demand for bottles and bottles of Tupperware has skyrocketed in the past few months. Chabra said that this shows how these unprecedented times have made people aware of life and now they are choosing to manage their drinks.

In watches, the smart wear segment has seen tremendous growth due to the increase in the tendency to tightness and consumer interest in using advanced technology products. Mitra of Titan Company said the company has also recognized the needs of fashion products and lifestyles.

Mitra said that covid has been instrumental in transforming many lifestyles. He said that the focus is on resilience, internal and external activities, the tendency to pay by contacting people is also fast. Therefore, there has been a growing demand for fashionable and innovative products – products that focus on performance and performance.

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