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No T-shirt, jeans in office: Maharashtra Government issues dress code at work

Jeans and t-shirt may mean stress-free wear for some and may also seem a lot comfy than any other type of attire. Also jeans and t-shirt has nowadays became common for both men and women especially in the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. But bringing up a news that won’t be good enough for the people of Maharashtra. The most common attire that is jeans and t-shirts are now no longer suitable as the `office attire’ for all the government employees in Maharashtra.

Also the government announced that they will do a do a policy which is named as the `flip-flop’ once in a while, but the employees are not allowed to wear the simple slippers which worn most in day-to-day life to the office as per the new dress code which is announced by the Government.

Also, it is said that all the government employees should compulsorily wear clothes made of khadi not everyday but at least on Fridays. This step is taken to encourage the use of handspun, as per the circular issued by the Government.

The statement also said that It his being observed that several officials and the staff members, the ones who are mainly contractual staff and also the advisers who are engaged for government work are not seen wearing the attire suitable for a government employee. As a result of this, the image of government staff gets damaged among the people.

The statement also said that the people expect and look forward for good behaviour and a good personality from all the government officials and the government employees and workers.    

The circular said that if the attire of officials and employees is unsuitable and unclean, it doesn’t reflect a good personality which is needed to be a must for the government employees it also has an indirect impact on their work, this is what the circular said.

The circular also said that the attire should be proper worn , it should be neat and clean.

It said that all the government women employees can wear traditional clothes such as sarees, salwars , chudidars kurtas, trouser pants and shirts along with dupattas if it is necessary.

No T-shirt, jeans in office: Maharashtra Government issues dress code at work
No T-shirt, jeans in office: Maharashtra Government issues dress code at work

For men of course there won’t be much choices as that of women and there is less choice and so they can wear shirts and pants or trouser and pants. But again it should be office attire and should be properly worn.

The circular ordained that the clothes with deep colours and strange embroidery patterns or having inappropriate pictures on it should not be worn. Besides that the employees and staff should not wear jeans and t-shirts in offices.

Women employees are mentioned that they should wear chappals, sandals or shoes but on the other hand all government working men should wear shoes or sandals, as it was stated in the circular.

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