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Niharika NM becomes one of the fastest growing digital content creators

Switching between the LA and the South Indian accents, a Indian Bengaluru girl named Niharika NM has taken over social media by storm with her sassy and relatable online content especially on Instagram. Niharika is a 23-year-old YouTuber and she has even got celebrities talking about her videos. 

Niharika NM, who has been going viral currently for her relatable and sassy content. She becomes one of the fastest-growing content creators on Instagram. She touched 1 million followers in just two months this year. She just had 100k followers on 17th October 2020. She has crossed 1 Million today on Instagram!

Niharika is an engineer who is pursuing her MBA in the USA right now along with the juggling digital content creation that she is making, this girl has always had a her love for theatre. Recently growing up and becoming so famous around all social platforms, She has gained immense popularity through her short and funny skits which are entertaining the viewers with her own brand of observational comedy that she is making.

One of the Niharika’s video named ‘One way Street it is’ went a lot viral on Instagram and has crossed more than 10 million views in just under first 10 days of it’s post and since then there was no looking back for this star that’s coming up with so amazing contents.

Niharika NM becomes one of the fastest growing digital content creators
Niharika NM becomes one of the fastest growing digital content creators

On touching this milestone that she has achieved, Niharika NM says that this past year has been truly life-changing for her. Whether it’s from pursuing her MBA and managing her social media, she says that she still can’t believe that in just the last 2 months she went from a community of only 100k followers to 1 million today and that too only in two months. She says that It’s all so overwhelming and dramatic for her at the same time.

She also says and thanks for the endless support that she has got from her friends and family. All the support that she has received helped her to get her where she is today. And now that she have 1 million new people to share her life with she says that she have been trying to come up with more impactful and more relatable content to connect with this Gen-Z audience but at the same time dipping into her South Indian roots. ”

Niharika – a girl who has been the only solo creator to be chosen and get selected as one of the global ambassadors for the  “Creators for Change- a YouTube initiative” twice and that too in a row. This uses influencers to generate and create awareness and also engage their audience regarding the relevant social issues that are happening these days.

In an Interview, She says that her friends say that she can switch to a rowdy Niharika when she is trying to make a point. When she is trying to explain something to them, she switches to that accent, where she says like, “Macha, you know what happened and all uh?” she says that she just tried what she does in real life on online and it worked.

 She said that she is just being herself. She also said in the interview that her taste in comedy has kept on evolving over the past years. When she was young, her biggest influences were Jim Carrey, Teddy Cruz and also South Indian comics like Brahmanandam, Vadivelu and many more. She said that all of these are very expressive with their faces and she loves that.

She lastly said that she is definitely looking forward for more long format content, because YouTube is very dear to her. She may switch up the content a little more – maybe she will try out a skit format – cause as of now, she have been doing rants more. So she said that she may want to switch it up a bit.

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