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Nick Jonas calls his father “an exceptional man with a wealth of knowledge”

The famous Indian and American Actor Priyanka Chopra with her fabulous singer husband Nick Jonas shared some unique and worthy words at the 18th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit that was on 12th December, Friday.

The submit meet was held virtually and in the virtual chat, they revealed and shared their advice they had for the young people out there who are looking to be leaders in their field of interests and their arenas.

Nick also spoke about his father. His name is Kevin Jonas Sr. and that how he has always taught him to be humble. He said that he is really fortunate to have an amazing leader in the form of his father in his life.

He said that his father is an exceptional man with a wealth full of knowledge.
He further said that one of the things he always said and advised him was to walk with humility even in leadership. To this, his quote was like this ‘Live like you are at the bottom, even if you are at the top.’

He further said that not to say that at any point in his life did he feel like he was at the top, but knowing that he have a responsibility in some ways to walk with humility in success and in times that things don’t go well, he thinks that is solely from the influence of his father in his life and leadership.

To sum that up, he said that it is just to live as humbly as one can because those same people who are there on the rise could be there on the fall as well sometimes and it’s good to have friends by your side at those times.
Priyanka also shared what she thought was the most important and necessary quality in a leader.

She said that she was thrown into the deep end. She didn’t know the technique of anything. Also, she came from a family of physicians. The one thing she said that she learnt was to be a student of life, we can’t know everything.

Nick Jonas calls his father "an exceptional man with a wealth of knowledge"
Nick Jonas calls his father “an exceptional man with a wealth of knowledge”

There is never going to be a situation like that , she said that if you want to achieve a trajectory which is upwards, where you will always be prepared for anything you have to do then You will never be a 100% prepared. She said that you just have to you’re your eyes and ears open and learn and listen instead of just to talk.
During their conversation, Nick and Priyanka also spoke about their work and all their recent and their upcoming projects. The couple were here last time in March for the Holi celebration but had to go back to the US when the coronavirus pandemic started becoming severe.

She said that she is just really counting on this pandemic to get over.
She hopes that the year 2021 kickstarts normal so that they can actually travel. Priyanka said about her plans saying that India is her home but Nick has a major love for the country and that they really wanted to come in. So she said that hopefully, as soon as all this COVID thing is done and the world gets back to normal, she said that they will be back in Mumbai.

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