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News for all gamers, FAU-G game launch date in India finally revealed!

When the most played game of Indian and also the most liked game for the Indians – PUBG Mobile which was banned last year in our country India. This had left many of the fans in our country who are searching for alternatives for that game. Soon enough the nCore Games, which is owned by the CEO of Goqii whose name is Vishal Gondal, he soon came up with a new game which is almost like that of PUBG whose name is FAU-G.

While many other people thought that it would be a promising game which would be mainly focusing on the Indian army, and also on the several others who had assumed that it wold be a mere rip-off of the PUBG Mobile game. The title, which was expected to launch in October did not release in that month but instead it got pushed back. 

However, the developer of the game had also opened the pre-registration page on 30th November. It was also announced that after the announcement that within the three days, the game would also manage to cross around to 1 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. However, the developer had still did not disclosed the release date at that time.  

News for all gamers, FAU-G game launch date in India finally revealed!

In the video of length which was of 1:30 second, we were able to see the Indian Armed Forces who were battling against the persons who are fighting against them. Still, it is not for sure that whether if this is the actual gameplay or that it is just a trailer.

It is worth to mention that while the PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game, but the FAUG game is not. This game will latter also features New Galvan Valley Cash as one of the scenarios this means that a player will also be taking on the insurgents. It is said by Gondal that they can also include the Battle royale mode in future.  

According to Gondal FAU-G is also going to be played in the perspective of third-person. He says that in case if we don’t know then PUBG mobile also has a third person perspective modes as one of the modes. Alternatively, to that FAU-G is also going to have the first person perspective as one of it’s mode.

FAU-G has now also launched the date for it’s launch in India and this was almost revealed after almost four months since the game was announced for the first . FAU-G or FAU:G is the short form for the Fearless And United: Guards. It’s release has been highly waited for and also the pre-registration for the game had crossed a total to 1 million in just 24 hours after it’s announcement. After the pre-registration got live on the Google Play Store in late of November, it was also expected that the game would launch in the month of December.

However, the nCORE Games has now said the launch date of FAU-G in India and it looks like the game is finally now set to come by the end of this month.  

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